Kris Jenner reveals she has a tumour in new season of The Kardashians

Kris Jenner revealed doctors had found a “little tumour”, in a trailer for the new series of The Kardashians.

Kris, 68, shared the results of a recent medical examination with her daughters in a teaser for season five of the upcoming reality show.

“I had my scan, they found a cyst and like a little tumour,” she said, and her youngest daughter Kylie Jenner became overwhelmed with emotion.

It comes after daughter Khloe Kardashian described how a “tiny little dot” on her face that she thought was acne was melanoma skin cancer in the previous season of the show.

Meanwhile, it also showed the medical complications Kourtney Kardashian experienced with her now six-month-old son Rocky.

Earlier in her pregnancy, Kourtney, 45, said she had undergone “urgent foetal surgery”, and her drummer husband Travis Barker abandoned his Blink-182 shows in the UK and Ireland to be at her side.

In the trailer, the cameras appeared to be rolling at the moment Kourtney videocalled her mother, telling her she had to go in for emergency surgery.

“This is really crazy, I just want Kourtney to be OK,” Kris said, becoming emotional.

Cameras filmed Kourtney in hospital, and she later described the situation as “terrifying”.

The trailer also showed Khloe at odds with Kim Kardashian about an undisclosed situation.

Khloe said: “Sisters can be vicious and brutal,” while Kim said: “Khloe is unbearable these days.”

The new season will also see Kim in her “actress era”, after she recently starred in American Horror Story: Delicate.

The release of the trailer coincided with the announcement that Kim’s daughter North West will join the cast of Disney’s The Lion King for its 30th anniversary live-to-film concert in Hollywood on May 24 and 25, featuring stars including Jennifer Hudson.

The Kardashians season five premieres on May 23 on Disney+ in the UK.

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