Ambika Mod had ‘a lot of trepidation’ going into new One Day adaptation

Ambika Mod has said she felt “a lot of trepidation” when preparing for a new adaptation of One Day as the story was already “beloved”.

This Is Going To Hurt actress Mod, 28, stars as Emma Morley alongside Leo Woodall, who plays Dexter Mayhew, in the new Netflix mini-series based on David Nicholls’ popular romantic book.

The story sees the pair spend graduation night together before they go their separate ways, but their lives remain intertwined.

The 14-part series follows how their lives evolve by showing them on the same date every year, on some occasions alone and others together.

“I took a long time to see myself in the role of Emma. But I’m really proud of it now that I’ve seen the full thing.”

Woodall added: “I think whenever there’s a fan base already in place for something there’s a level of pressure.

“But I think, as a collective, I think the fans of the book will be pleased.”

The White Lotus star, 27, also revealed that their on-screen chemistry was “organic” as they got on well together from the beginning.

“There was no deliberate craftsmanship to the chemistry, we luckily got on very well, very quickly,” he said.

“And we learned to poke fun at each other and support each other.”

Nicholls published the novel in 2009 and later wrote the screenplay for the 2011 film adaptation which starred Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess.

For the new series, Nicholls served as an executive producer and he wrote the penultimate episode.

Mod said the author was “really hands off” with the TV adaptation as he was “really happy for everyone to do their own thing”.

However, she recalled an early meeting with him in which she could ask everything she wanted to know about the character, which was “really helpful”.

“It was great to have him and to have his seal of approval on all of this,” she added.

One Day is available on Netflix now.

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