Cate Blanchett transforms into an outlaw in new Borderlands trailer

Cate Blanchett transforms into an outlaw in the first trailer for the upcoming film adaptation of the popular video game series Borderlands.

The Oscar-winning actress, 54, portrays Lillith, an infamous bounty hunter with a mysterious past who is forced to return to her home, Pandora, as she is on a mission to find the missing daughter of one of the universe’s most powerful figures, Atlas, played by Edgar Ramirez.

On her mission she forms an unexpected alliance with a ragtag team of misfits which includes mercenary Roland, played by Kevin Hart; scientist Dr Patricia Tannis, played by Jamie Lee Curtis; robot Claptrap, voiced by Jack Black; pre-teen demolitionist Tiny Tina, portrayed by Ariana Greenblatt; and Tina’s protector Krieg, played by Florian Munteanu.

Following a quick succession of clips introducing the characters, she can be heard saying: “God, I hate this planet.”

The teaser video also sees the eclectic group getting sprayed with urine, engage in shoot-outs and high-speed car chases.

In the clips, Hart dons a black beret and leather harness over his clothes while Curtis wears a red coat and has holsters strapped across her shoulders.

Cate Blanchett as Lilith, Ariana Greenblatt as Tiny Tina, Kevin Hart as Roland, Florian Munteanu as Krieg and Jamie Lee Curtis as Tannis in Borderlands (Lionsgate/PA)

Based on video game Borderlands created by Gearbox Software, the film was directed by Eli Roth, who also created the screenplay with Joe Crombie.

Blanchett has previously starred in films including psychological drama Tar and romantic drama Carol and won the best supporting actress Oscar for her role in 2004 biopic The Aviator and the best actress gong for 2013 comedy drama Blue Jasmine.

Borderlands will air in cinemas on August 9.

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