David Tennant brings Michael Sheen’s dog named Bark Ruffalo to the Baftas

David Tennant had an unusual co-host as the Bafta film awards began at the Royal Festival Hall in London – Michael Sheen’s pet dog with the suitably starry name of Bark Ruffalo.

The Scottish actor, who hosted this year’s ceremony, kicked off the awards with a Staged-style sketch about dog-sitting Sheen’s pet.

Viewers were treated to a Zoom-like call with Tennant’s Staged and Good Omens co-star Sheen, which showed the Doctor Who actor sat in his kitchen with a grey kilt hanging up in the background.

Tennant starts the call with Sheen immediately saying: “I don’t have time for pleasantries David, some of us are big in America.”

“I don’t want any of your excuses, David, you promised,” Sheen says, adding: “And I can’t leave him with the neighbour because he peed in their kitchen.”

Tennant’s wife, Georgia, then walks into frame, where she says sarcastically: “Whereas we are desperate for him to pee in our kitchen?”

Sheen ends the call asking Tennant to sort out the issue, before the Scottish actor proceeds to frantically message fellow celebrities to find a dog-sitter.

American actor Stanley Tucci joins the Zoom call and initially agrees to the favour, but quickly ridicules Tennant for believing he is being serious.

“And the Bafta for catching on very quickly goes to,” Tucci jokes while pointing at Tennant.

Tennant then calls Yesterday actor Himesh Patel who pretends his video is frozen until someone walks past in the background.

Mark Ruffalo, left, with his Poor Things co-stars Emma Stone and Willem Dafoe
Mark Ruffalo, left, with his Poor Things co-stars Emma Stone and Willem Dafoe (PA)

The next person Tennant calls is Loki star Tom Hiddleston who asks the actor for his new pitch.

“The pitch is dog sitting for Michael Sheen,” Tennant says.

Hiddleston appears impressed and replied: “Wow. OK, yeah, interesting. So we’re going for, life? Funny?”

Hiddleston talks enthusiastically about potentially creating a film about Sheen’s dog-sitting situation, while Tennant looks on confused.

“Did your agent tell you I wanted to talk to you about a film?” Tennant asks.

“Obviously. Unless you’re actually calling me to dog sit for Michael Sheen,” Hiddleston replies.

Michael Sheen
Michael Sheen has worked with David Tennant on Staged and Good Omens (PA)

Asked if she could look after Bark Ruffalo, Dame Judi says: “He pees everywhere, and anyway, I should be watching the Bafta film awards with a big glass of Champagne.”

Dame Judi points out the kilt in the background, to which Tennant replies: “Wait and see”.

The ceremony then began with Tennant entering the auditorium through the audience, wearing the kilt and holding Bark Ruffalo and other pet-related items including a blanket and a lead.

Laughter was heard throughout the venue when Tennant notices Sheen sitting in the front row, and they argue about who should keep hold of the pet before Sheen relents and lets his co-star begin his hosting monologue dog-free.

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