RTE’s Late Late Show told musicians not to wear pro-Palestinian symbols

RTE has confirmed it asked musicians not to wear pro-Palestinian clothing and accessories during a performance on its flagship talk show.

The Irish Women in Harmony group performed a tribute to Sinead O’Connor on Friday night’s Late Late Show.

However, Irish Artists for Palestine said that, prior to the performance, a group member was asked to change out of a t-shirt which featured the word Gaza and a love heart, while others were asked to remove badges expressing support for Palestinians.

RTE told the PA news agency that contributors are asked not to wear clothing related to “one particular point of view” as part of its impartiality guidelines.

It said that the conflict in Gaza was not the “subject of discussion or debate” during the performance.

A spokeswoman said in a statement: “All RTE content follows clear guidelines in regard to impartiality.

“RTE aims to facilitate open debate on issues of public interest and concern.

“As such we ask that participants do not wear badges, symbols or emblems related to one particular point of view in the absence of a forum for a representation of all views.

“The Women in Harmony group performed a tribute to Sinead O’Connor.

“Gaza and the conflict was not the subject of discussion or debate on this occasion.”

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