BBC presenter accidentally ruins surprise party in live TV blunder

A BBC presenter was left embarrassed after accidentally ruining a family surprise on live television.

BBC Weather’s Kawser Quamer started chatting about her niece’s surprise birthday party before realising that she had spoiled the secret.

Quamer had just finished the weather report for North West Tonight when presenter Annabel Tiffin called her over to the sofa for a casual chat at the end of the broadcast.

Tiffin asked: “So, what have you got (coming) up at the weekend? Anything exciting?

“Oh that’s lovely. But not a surprise if she’s watching this,” Tiffin said.

Quamer saw the funny side of the blunder and burst out laughing, saying: “Oh goodness me, I’ve spoiled the surprise.”

Other BBC staff shared their reactions on social media, with BBC North West presenter Steve Saul commenting “Oh dear” on X while BBC News’ creative director Chris Cook wrote: “This is DELIGHTFUL – have a great weekend all xxxx.”

BBC South West journalist Alastair Monk said: “This is just brilliant. In a time of so much stress, just enjoy.”

Viewers also reacted on X, with one person commenting: “I’ve watched this multiple times now. It gets funnier every time.”

Another said: “This is why I watch the regional news.”

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