Big Brother housemates face test of endurance with bed challenge

The Big Brother contestants will be challenged to stay in bed for as long as possible in a test of endurance.

In scenes that will air on Tuesday, housemates will be instructed to gather in the living room.

They will be told: “This is Big Brother. Housemates, the key to living harmoniously in my house is to know each other inside out. And in today’s case top and tail.”

“Can all the housemates make themselves comfy in the big bed? The last housemate in bed will win a very special treat.”

If a housemate gets out of the bed or falls asleep, they are disqualified. However, immediately after the task begins, food writer Henry, 25, gets out of the bed and says: “Well, I’m not very comfortable so I’m going to get out.”

He is soon followed by lawyer Jordan.

When make-up artist Farida says: “Jordan we love you,” he replies: “Thanks. You’re all good too but I don’t want to be in a bed with you all.”

Throughout the day, Big Brother will try to lure the housemates out of the bed with the temptation of treats including a cheeseboard, a coffee, a smoothie and some of the contents of Jenkin’s exploded suitcase.

In Monday’s episode, youth worker Hallie revealed to the housemates that she is a trans woman.

Later, she told Big Brother in the diary room that she had been “scared” to tell the other contestants in case they would have a “prejudice opinion” towards her.

She said: “Yesterday I just felt like I wasn’t being 100% authentic with everyone and I was hiding a big part of who I am, so this morning I thought let me be 100% honest and just tell the housemates that I am transgender.

“I’m not going to lie, my heart was beating out of my chest, it was quite nerve racking.

“I was scared of people having a prejudice opinion towards me because as soon as you hear the word trans, some people’s minds go elsewhere.”

The youth worker noted that all the contestants had been “very respectful and open-minded”, adding: “The love and support has been amazing.

“I’ve made it clear. I’m happy to talk about my journey, if they have any questions I’m an open book.

“And I just hope that they will try to get to know me a bit more, but it felt freeing.”

Big Brother continues on ITV2 and ITVX at 9pm.

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