I wondered how I could top my wife’s surprise conference speech, jokes Sunak

Rishi Sunak joked he thought he could “call it a day” after watching his wife’s surprise address at the Conservative Party conference.

The Prime Minister said the warm-up speech from Akshata Murty was “kept secret” from him until very late on.

Ms Murty told the Tory gathering in Manchester that she and her husband were each other’s best friends, and added she “could not imagine being anywhere else” ahead of his speech to close the event.

Mr Sunak, appearing on ITV’s This Morning, said: “I only knew really very late on that she was doing anything and the first time I heard her was when I was standing behind the stage, ready to come on.

Conservative Party Conference 2023
Akshata Murty introduced her husband at the Conservative Party annual conference in Manchester (Peter Byrne/PA)

Asked if he was left thinking how he could follow her speech, Mr Sunak joked: “I was like ‘phew, I can just call it a day now and just go’, but, no, it was lovely to have her there.”

During a quickfire round, Mr Sunak said he preferred Oppenheimer as a film but “loved going to Barbie because we went as a family”, chose Taylor Swift over Britney Spears “unless I’m on my Peloton and my instructor there loves Britney Spears”, and noted he once dressed as Harry Potter when attending a Halloween Party with his wife.

He also chose Big Brother over I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here, before adding: “Actually the Netflix Beckham documentary right now, I’ve started watching that, I saved it for after conference, it is absolutely brilliant, reliving my childhood.”

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