PICTURES: JEP refurbishment in 1949


ON 27 October 1947 workmen moved into the Charles Street premises of the “The Evening Post” to commence alterations to help accommodate an increasing workforce within the business. The staff total in 1949 numbered 60. For this purpose, the adjoining shop and living accommodation, which already belonged to the firm and which was occupied by the Besco Laundry, was taken over and embodied in the general scheme.

Praise must be given to the architects Messrs Grayson and Le Sueur and the contractors Messrs E Farley and Son Ltd, who had the difficult task of more or less removing the interior of an old building and replacing it with new offices and staircases, while still allowing the work of newspaper production to be carried on with the minimum of inconvenience. The internal work was carried out in three stages in addition to work on the external elevations of the main office building to Bath Street and Charles Street up to the first-floor level.

The newly reconstructed building is pictured here in February 1949 with the public office windows with new photo display screens of cork tile panels set in wax oak mouldings with concealed lighting attracting some attention.

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