PICTURES: The Watersplash and Grève de Lecq in former times

With the temperature soaring in August 1973, holidaymakers saw Jersey at its sunny best, as pictured here at Grève de Lecq Picture: GERARD LE BREUILLY (37351853)

THE Watersplash and Grève de Lecq have been in the news this week with a refurbishment planned for the former and the National Trust for Jersey releasing plans for how the Seaside Café site at the latter could look if the government agrees to buy the land. Here are both venues in former times…

The new water cascade and fountains at the Watersplash on 26 August 1964 (37351624)

A fair crowd gathered at the Watersplash on 26 August 1964, when the new water cascade and fountains on the road side of the restaurant were officially turned on. Dancers from the Watersplash and Swanson’s Hotel shows graced the cascades. The three ten-horse power pumps moved an estimated million gallons of fresh water every eight hours and the whole project, once completed with lighting and a pump to heighten the effect of the water flowing over the “weirs”, cost about £10,000 (around £170,000 today).

Grève de Lecq in the early 1950s (37351845)

An image of Grève de Lecq, probably taken in the early 1950s, showing Café Romany.

Café Romany (37351633)

Café Romany pictured in 1966.

Watersplash 1966 (37351627)

A large crowd at the Watersplash in 1966.

Church group outing 1945 (37352248)

A church group on an outing in the summer of 1945 pose for a photo at Grève de Lecq with the Café Romany (the predecessor to the Seaside Café) in the background.

Watersplash (37351630)

A cabaret show at the Watersplash

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