Using digital tools to ensure compliance with Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2018


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Data protection

By Paul Byrne, of PropelFwd

BUSINESSES in Jersey must navigate a complex landscape of data protection regulations to safeguard personal data and maintain compliance.

The Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2018 imposes requirements on organisations for data registers, inventories and assessments such as Data Protection Impact Assessments, Legitimate Interests Assessments and International Data Transfer Assessments.

YourDataSafe offers comprehensive features tailored to meet these regulatory demands, streamlining processes and assisting with compliance.

The need for comprehensive data registers and inventories

Organisations should maintain accurate records of their data-processing activities under the DPJL. YourDataSafe simplifies this by providing a centralised platform to document and manage data assets. The interface ensures all data-processing activities are recorded and accessible for audits and inspections.

Maintaining records of data incidents and breaches is also crucial. Organisations must record details of any breaches, including the nature, affected data, impacted individuals and response measures. YourDataSafe provides a structured environment for logging incidents, ensuring compliance, facilitating quick, effective responses and fulfilling reporting obligations.

The DPJL grants data subjects rights concerning personal data, including access, rectification, erasure and processing restrictions.

Organisations must maintain records of these requests and responses. YourDataSafe efficiently manages data subject rights registers, helping you to handle requests promptly and comply with legal requirements.

Streamlining DPIAs, LIAs and IDTAs

Conducting DPIAs, LIAs and IDTAs is critical for identifying and mitigating data-processing risks. YourDataSafe offers specialised modules to guide organisations through these assessments, ensuring thoroughness and compliance.

DPIAs evaluate the impact of data processing on privacy.

YourDataSafe provides a structured framework for DPIAs, helping identify risks, assess severity and implement mitigation measures. Built-in templates and automated workflows streamline the process, saving time and ensuring thoroughness.

LIAs determine whether an organisation’s legitimate interests in data processing override the data subject’s rights and freedoms. YourDataSafe simplifies LIAs with clear guidelines and step-by-step instructions, ensuring all relevant factors are considered and maintaining compliance.

With global business operations, data transfers across borders are inevitable. The DPJL provides assessments to ensure adequate protection levels. YourDataSafe’s IDTA module helps organisations evaluate the legal and security aspects of international data transfers, ensuring compliance with international standards.


Businesses must prioritise robust data protection practices in an era of stringent data protection regulations.

YourDataSafe provides the necessary digital tools to manage these requirements efficiently.

By leveraging YourDataSafe, organisations can show and demonstrate compliance, safeguard personal data, and build trust with stakeholders.

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