Jersey firm launches ‘revolutionary’ fintech software

EWG, a Jersey-based fintech firm, has launched what it describes as a “revolutionary” piece of software, designed to support cross-border payments and foreign exchange transactions for fiduciary, corporate and fund services.

Lightspeed API has been developed to enable clients to process transactions in near real time, something which EWG says is a game changer for clients who need to perform transactions or exchanges securely and quickly.

“EWG is a fast-growing player in the rapidly evolving fintech payments sector, delivering an innovative and cost-effective digital-by-default alternative to the traditional banking system that can transform the way our clients transact for themselves or on behalf of their clients,” said Warren Sanders, the firm’s founding director.

“We have developed Lightspeed API to provide clients with a highly secure route to achieve low-friction transactions with options for straight-through processing and seamless integration, with the EWG app for compliance oversight and approval processes that meet our clients’ needs.”

The software will be available, either directly or through native integrations, from a number of trust and funds systems or analytics tools, such as Alteryx.

“EWG listens, understands and delivers what our clients need most from a trusted digital banking partner. We innovate, using smart technology to solve key challenges presented to the professional business market, and that is what our Lightspeed API was born from – a defined client need. Lightspeed API is powered by AWS, the world’s largest cloud provider, which enables us to access the most comprehensive suite of services, allowing us to create a secure and performant solution,” said Denis Philippe, the firm’s chief technology officer.

“Many of our clients are dealing in high-value, and often high-volume, cross-border payments. They need to partner with a digital banking services provider whose technology can be seamlessly embedded into their own business processes and without the need for staff to switch systems and learn how to use them. Securely linking systems ensures clients can maximise business efficiencies and speed up processing,” added Warren.

Since it was established in 2011, EWG has partnered with cross-border money-movement experts Currencycloud, a Visa solution. The business has also established strategic partnerships with multiple industry leaders, creating a collaborative ecosystem which Warren says “transcends traditional boundaries, facilitating the exchange of innovative concepts and approaches”.

These collaborations, he adds, have “sparked transformative discussions, inspiring a shift towards creative thinking, challenging traditional norms by pivoting tried and tested concepts in other sectors, into the creation of a digital ecosystem, which is reusable by others”. EWG’s payments app is already used by companies including Tenn Capital, Fairway, IQ-EQ, JTC and Crestbridge.

All of EWG’s services can be accessed using one platform and one log-in, or through API, whether clients want to make cross-border payments, manage currencies, process international payroll, or extend their software’s feature set to make use of EWG’s payments infrastructure.

“We will continue to invest heavily in our app, Lightspeed API and our connector suite as we move towards achieving our vision of being a recognised, trusted and professional leader in the fintech industry, setting the standard for regulated and pioneering digital banking solutions. We are committed to providing credible and secure technology-driven financial services that empower businesses to thrive in the digital age,” added Warren.

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