Smarter buildings with IoT: Connecting today, building tomorrow 

By Marcus Irwin, head of innovation at JT 

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Combining cutting-edge technology and modern architecture has taken the world by storm.  

In a world where staying connected and being eco-friendly matter, smart buildings using the Internet of Things are making waves. This is not just a fancy concept; it is our everyday reality, blending high-tech systems with modern architecture that is flexible enough to adapt to future ones. 

These buildings use sensors, data analytics and automation to optimise energy efficiency, security, comfort and overall functionality. Today’s new schools, hospitals, shopping centres, airports and homes go beyond bricks and glass. They are woven with fibre cables, intercom systems and touchpoint utilities, making them a far cry from what I grew up with.  

Technology evolves alongside us 

Let’s take a moment to think about technology over the years. What once scared us is now part of our lives. From heart monitors to self-driving cars, we have come a long way. Unlike the past, today’s generation welcomes new tech, not fearing it but embracing the possibilities it brings. It is a form of evolution entwined with our own.  

IoT: The new heart of the home 

IoT is the backbone of all new construction, built upon next-generation networks that enable devices to communicate and share data. Although the concept may seem odd, this technology empowers a building to adapt to its occupants’ needs and the environment that surrounds it. 

Enhanced security and efficiency 

IoT technology provides advanced security measures within buildings. Access-control systems, surveillance cameras and motion detectors work together to ensure the safety of occupants.  

The technology optimises energy consumption by adjusting lighting, heating and cooling based on what’s actually happening. It prioritises occupant comfort and wellbeing by regulating the air quality, lighting and temperature inside the building, helping to create a healthier and more productive living and working environment. 

Data protection 

With a vast amount of data being collected, stored and transmitted around the clock, protecting it is paramount. That protection starts with the network.  

Knowing what devices are attempting to use a network is a key priority for mobile network operators such as JT. Network congestion occurs when there is an overload of signalling and data traffic that exceeds the network’s capacity to manage. To tackle these issues, operators have, at times, resorted to blocking unknown or unregistered devices.  

JT has developed a unique solution, IoT Certification Manager, which not only helps to maintain network performance but also enhances cybersecurity, ensuring that only trusted and secure devices connect to the network.  

This solution also enables Original Equipment Manufacturers to guarantee that their devices function as originally intended on networks, not just in Jersey but around the world. 

Looking Ahead: Smart cities and Jersey’s role 

AI algorithms will become even more sophisticated, enabling buildings to make autonomous decisions based on historical data, real-time feedback and predictive analytics.  

Smart communities and cities will emerge as more IoT buildings become part of our planning. These interconnected cities, or villages and parishes, will optimise resource allocation, reduce congestion and enhance the overall quality of life for our community. 

We expect to see greater use of the Jersey’s new network as local utilities integrate renewable energy sources, water conservation systems and waste reduction strategies into building designs.  

Buildings will be able to communicate directly with the energy grid to optimise consumption during periods of lower demand, reducing strain on the grid and promoting a more reliable and efficient energy system. 

The journey towards a world of intelligent, responsive buildings has begun, and whether you are a homeowner, builder, architect or local leader, you are already helping to shape the future of living and working in Jersey. You’re a part of the change making our lives better and our future brighter.  

Smart buildings with IoT are not just a trend; they are a transformative force and Jersey is at the forefront of this impactful revolution. 

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