Why data protection is such an imperative

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Data protection

By Paul Byrne, of PropelFwd

IN the dynamic data-driven business world, compliance with the Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2018 (DPJL) is not just a legal obligation but a strategic imperative for small businesses operating in Jersey.

Although it might seem like a daunting task for companies with limited resources, prioritising data protection is crucial for safeguarding customer data and protecting the company’s reputation.

SMEs often handle customer information such as names, addresses and financial details. The DPJL mandates that data controllers must ensure that personal data is processed fairly and lawfully for specified and legitimate purposes, is adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the purposes for which it was collected, is accurate and is not kept for longer than is necessary, and has appropriate security against accidental loss, destruction or damage, using appropriate technical and organisational measures.

By implementing robust data protection measures and adhering to the six data protection principles enshrined in the DPJL, businesses can minimise their risk of legal repercussions and associated costs.

Demonstrating a commitment to data protection fosters trust among customers, who are increasingly concerned about how their personal data is being mishandled. This trust can lead to customer retention, positive word-of-mouth advertising and enhanced business growth.

The Office of the Jersey Information Commissioner has several powers available to it for non-compliance with the DPJL. These range from words of advice, a reprimand, suspension of processing and a monetary penalty. Its findings can be made public or remain confidential.

In conclusion, data protection compliance is a cornerstone of sound business practices for small companies operating in Jersey.

PropelFwd is a Jersey-based data protection consultancy that specialises in helping businesses of all sizes to comply with the DPJL. We offer a comprehensive range of services to help businesses achieve and maintain data protection compliance, including:

  • Data protection audits.

  • Data protection policy development.

  • Data protection training.

  • Data breach response.

  • Data subject access request assistance.

  • Data security assessments.

  • Data breach prevention.

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