A bright start for school-leavers

HI, I’m Teresa. I joined Deloitte through the BrightStart scheme for school-leavers in August 2020 and am now an assistant associate within the firm.

The BrightStart scheme allows me to study for my Chartered Accountancy Qualification through either the ACA or ACCA alongside my full-time job. Deloitte has an exceptional reputation that draws in a range of clientele, giving me practical experience as well as a professional education, which is vital to having a successful career in accountancy.

At Deloitte, you get to work alongside colleagues from a range of backgrounds, all over the globe. One of the benefits of working at Deloitte is the diversity of your career. You are constantly exposed to a broad variety of work within different industries and are given the chance to develop in areas you find interesting. Career progression is tailored to you and Deloitte supports you through promotions until you qualify.

Deloitte has a large client portfolio in a range of sectors, which allows you to grow your network and build relationships with people from all walks of life.

I believe that Deloitte is the ideal firm to work at, as it provides you with the opportunities to develop both professionally and personally. Deloitte has been a great fit for me, so apply today and explore the opportunities for you.

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