Football: England C boss to bring Premier League potential to Jersey

Republic of Ireand U21 v England C 010615
England C manager Paul Fairclough is bringing an FA Representative XI to Springfield in May Picture: THE FA

ENGLAND C manager Paul Fairclough admitted he was taken aback by Jersey’s display in their 2-0 defeat to Panjab FA, but expects the Islanders to improve before he returns with an FA XI.

The national coach was at Springfield on Sunday to evaluate the strength of both sides before his squad meet Jersey and Panjab in friendly fixtures.

An FA Representative XI are due to take on Jersey's men on 30 May, and while Fairclough said he could bring players who play as far down as ‘Step 4’ on the National League pyramid – the level that Guernsey FC play at – he will only include those with professional potential.

‘I was surprised at the slow start Jersey made [on Sunday], I really was,’ he said.

‘I expect the result will do more good than harm and it should give them inspiration to push on against us.

‘We’ve got a number of players who’ve played in representative games now playing Championship and Premier League football, and the game against Jersey is key for the lads playing further down the ladder.

‘I have great belief in the players I’ll be bringing over and I expect a few of them to go on and play Premier League football.’


Full interview in Wednesday's JEP.




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