Football: Jersey FA's DNA plans

Jersey's football development officer Brian Oliver

IT WOULD perhaps be more attributable to scientists in lab coats than coaches in tracksuits, but for the Jersey Football Association there are hopes that the term ‘Jersey DNA’ will soon become a familiar reference at Springfield.

Using a template provided by the English FA as they aim to enhance the status of football at all levels, JFA officials are working through a period of change, both on and off the field.

They hope a fresh approach to coaching, and greater player-responsibility, will produce more well-rounded squads as the Island approaches an era which could include European football.

JFA development officer Brian Oliver said: ‘What they’ve done in England is provide an “England DNA” template to develop their own playing and coaching philosophy, and we’re using that to develop our philosophy.'

Full story in Friday's JEP.





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Comments for: "Football: Jersey FA's DNA plans"

Island Strife


English footballs "DNA" - decades of failure so yeah, let's copy that.

The German FA completed a root and branch review in 2006 and have reaped the games top rewards inside 10 years.

I'm nearly 50 and have seen a least 3 root and branch reviews by the English FA in my lifetime - net result - zero improvement.

If the JFA want to improve - get this islands top coaches on a freebie to Germany and let them bring back what they learn from there instead of copying a failed English example.


It must be some trough that the JFA want their noses in.