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bit late for that. Should have been in place years' ago. Why on earth can't we go down a points system, which would add value to the island. But they want employers to foot the bill for immigration policy. Passing the buck, and why, so the government aren't responsible, but like it that way. Also to add to population to increase rents for all those greedy landlords, and taxes. You'd be better off living in UK tax wise than Jersey now. Yet people outside Jersey still think we don't pay tax!!!!

Shoot to Thrill

This is excellent news and over due.

Now all they need to do is check the IQ of Reform Jersey supporters at the polling stations.


I would hope this would include all those entering the island (including the UK). Surely it should then read immigrants or if that is likely to offend the sensitive types?


Should be compulsory for everyone. I want to see a new international law that states from birth, every person has to have DNA and fingerprints taken and be entered into a national database. Then everyone else, upon committing a crime, the same, and a database is Worldwide. That way anyone at all committing a crime or offense is in there and known in every Country.


No other country allows migrants in who aren't criminally checked. This Island is run by idiots.


Totally agree, Island is ran by muppets

Happy Days

Of course!!! I'm surprised its not happening right now. Not 'could be' more 'will be!' The way the world is its a necessity. And all newcomers be warned that committing crimes will be instantly deported to whence they came.


Having lived in Jersey many years ago, I am amazed you are letting migrants in at all. When I lived on the Island the restrictions were many, although you could work you certainly could not buy a house without the appropriate "points" which my husband had. The population then was much smaller and the Island was well run. If I remember the politicians were voluntary and it was an honour to serve the Island. I visited last year, and everything appeared the same or similar, but of course more building. I would not let in any so called "asylum seekers" especially Muslims. I know there will be howls of derision, but look what is and has happened around the world. Certain people do not fit in to so called "Western" society and never will. Learn by other countries mistakes and keep your Island beautiful. I think politicians worldwide have gone down in people's estimation and looks like that is the position in Jersey. Keep them on their toes. Living in Australia at present we have some of the worst politicians in the world. Because they are all left leaning, Australia is slowly sinking under a mire of debt. You have a small Island don't allow that to happen.


the first migrant that needs checking is Gorst.

jersey taxpayer

What!!!!!! - Has nobody been checking up to now????? - MADNESS!

The first thing to do is check the criminal records of all migrants already here.

The next thing is to check migrants overseas assets and wealth before lavishing them with benefits!!!

Also check how much undeclared (untaxed) cash in hand income they are getting too.


Total no brainer that should have been introduced years ago. For employers to be held accountable in regards to checks is utterly ridiculous as a number of these businesses don't give a toss about some low paid perspective having a criminal record in his/her home country. This should be paid by the actual person wanting to come and live in Jersey end of. It doesn't cost that much for detailed police checks and it certainly isn't that hard to do. Perhaps this should be part of Bailhache's job to ensure all foreign workers are fully aware of this and in turn deal directly with that country's police / home affairs dept to ensure it works. Easy enough but is Bailhache and co competent enough - I don't think so!


good grief...should have been doing this years ago,Jersey should adopt the same system as Australia...etc,criminal migrants are already here...this pathetic government should do what they are paid to do...protect us.