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Timbo Slice

I see the dismissed site option of Warwick Farm (ideal as less properties to be bought, away from crazy town traffic, can be built in phases, parking spaces and garden options, existing town hospital site can be part-sold and small site retained for an A&E branch and shuttle-bus) because it is a "green zone" now has construction work signage.

If there's one thing the States politicians aren't short of its brown paper envelopes.


have you actually read any of the detailed site option documents ?- Warwick was a total non runner. No possibility of an en effective modern hospital by any stretch of the imagination

Peoples Park was the only option that would have given Jersey a first class, modern, clinically designed, and optimally orientated hospital.

the biggest disgrace in this saga is letting a small minded, spiteful Constable and a handful of dog walkers and NIMBYs prevent Jersey from having the hospital it needs.

the current project will deliver a fine facility but not as good as the Park by some distance


Too true, shame on Green for not fighting for what was clearly the best site and shame on Mezec and reform Jersey for using the site for political gain against the best interests of the island.