Hospital debate delayed as politicians wanted Easter off


A ROW about whether politicians should have to work over the Easter bank holiday weekend erupted days before a crucial debate on funding for the new hospital and ultimately contributed to it being delayed, the JEP has learned.

Emails leaked to this newspaper show that several States Members felt they did not have time to consider a 111-page report from the Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel on the funding proposals between it being published last Wednesday afternoon and the debate on Tuesday. A number cited family commitments over the Easter weekend as one of the reasons they would not have enough time.

However, St John Constable Chris Taylor, who sits on the Scrutiny panel, hit back, saying that ministers regularly issue reports before the summer recess and backbenchers are often forced to work during holidays.

And, in an email sent to all States Members, he added that given how late ministerial comments are often lodged it appeared to be a case of the ‘coal calling the scuttle black’.

The debate was delayed on Tuesday to give Members more time to read the report. It is due to come back to the House in May.

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Comments for: "Hospital debate delayed as politicians wanted Easter off"

Squawkie L Pelican


Even you, snitchy pants Taylor.

Squawkie L Pelican

In fact, does anybody think this drama was all engineered by the Corporate Scrutinationary panel. I mean, John the Fondle announces this super clever report that he's gonna hold onto and release just before the holidays, then clever clogs Chris Taylor comes out and tells everyone (with his new clever proverb "Coal calling the tarmac black" or some nonsense) how lazy they are because they don't want to ruin their holidays, by having to read a 111 page report with John de Fondles whiny voice in their head. Especially when it should have been a 2 sider. I bet it gets rejected by the civil servants who have to sign it off anyway, you don't honestly think McClean actually understands half this stuff.

Watching these amateurs play politics makes my skin creep, they're all pathetic.

Simple sense

They need time to consider the report so what is a week or so extra. Only 110 pages seems a bit light on detail to me but then some of them will even struggle with that poor dears.