School in Comic Relief fundraising top three

This year’s Red Nose Day takes place this Friday.

AN Island school has been ranked in the top three in Britain for its Red Nose Day fundraising efforts.

Les Quennevais School raised £6,000 for Red Nose Day in 2015 and had previously managed to raise £13,000 for the campaign, which runs every two years.

Pupils raised the money by taking part in a number of events and challenges, including lunchtime talent shows and ‘gunging’ events.

This year pupils from the school will be gunging teachers, taking part in a fancy-dress competition, holding a lip-sync battle and running a pizza and chip sale.

Danielle Le Quesne, who teaches drama at the school and overseas the school’s fundraising efforts, said: ‘I feel extremely proud that Les Quennevais School is in the top three schools in the whole of the UK for its fundraising efforts. ‘To think that our school, on our small island, is making such a difference is amazing.'




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Comments for: "School in Comic Relief fundraising top three"


Always thought the best comic relief acts were in the States when Reform Jersey presented a proposal.

How many votes did their vote of censor against Deputy Bryans get again?


There you go, getting 'relief' from Reform Jersey again.