Radioactive cloud could be heading our way

Caroline Maffia, Interim Team Leader for Food Safety at Environmental Health
‘We are not picking up anything at this moment. We are slightly out of the way of where it seems to be going but depending on wind direction we could detect something here,’ said Ms Maffia.

A CLOUD of mysterious radioactive particles floating across Europe – which has been detected in Paris and northern Europe – could enter Jersey airspace, Environmental Health have said.

The levels of radiation measured are very low and pose no threat to humans, and so far no radiation spikes have been detected in the Island.

Increased Iodine-131 levels have been recorded in many major European cities from Norway to Spain – but scientists have yet to work out where the radiation comes from.

Conspiracy theorists are suggesting the cloud is radioactive fallout from secret Russian bomb testing or an unreported nuclear accident. None of the claims have been verified.

Caroline Maffia, assistant director of Environmental Health in Jersey, said the department was aware of the situation but 24-hour-a-day air monitors placed across the Island had not detected anything yet.



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Comments for: "Radioactive cloud could be heading our way"


Japan put out a lot of radiation from their nuclear disaster and still are from what I hear.


With the French building a new nuclear reactor out of weakened steel, it wont be long before we have our own radiation cloud accident.


This is probably it. There have been three explosions at nuclear power plants recently. Google it. They keep trotting out "no radioactivity was released" - no danger to the public. Like hell there isn't. Exposure is cumulative and the risk is linear. The more you get, the more likely you are to die from it.


I agree ..sadly I feel we as islanders are all suffering from slow radioation levels getting higher ..we are suffering more than ever with low immune systems. .coughs colds etc. .only when I'm off island do I feel healthy and energetic


Look into the Hadron Collider or CERN.


Neither of which could in any way have created this effect.


Like hell the scientists don't know where it came from. You get the readings and play them back and bingo! There is your source. Must be a typo. I think they mean scientists don't want YOU to know.


Because every scientist in the world is part of some global conspiracy?

Or more obviously, no one knows for sure.


Cue the Zombie Apocalypse!

In truth the granite we live upon and bananas we eat probably have more of an impact.