French plan for wind farm off Jersey wins approval

The 62-turbine facility would be sited 23 miles off the south coast

PLANS to build a French wind farm 23 miles off Jersey’s south coast have taken a major step forward after an independent commission gave the proposals their approval.

The commission – consisting of five officials appointed by the administrative court of Rennes – have spent months considering submissions from relevant parties. They have made nine recommendations to Ailes Marines – the company behind the plans – but found no major concerns with the project.

The prefecture of the Côte d’Amour in Brittany is currently considering the company’s planning application and if approval is given construction of the 62-turbine facility could start at the end of next year, with electricity being generated from 2020.

Two LiDARs, which are used to measure wind speed and direction, have already been placed on the site of the proposed facility using Ports of Jersey’s tugboat, Duke of Normandy.


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Comments for: "French plan for wind farm off Jersey wins approval"


I can't believe that The Ports of Jersey have been helping the French with this crazy idea!!! It is going to ruin the views we have looking out to sea and we have been helping - It's just unbelievable, but very Jersey!

Rob St Peter

Think for a moment about those poor wind thingies...when they look north, they will be able to see all those new iconic St Helier office blocks !

Mickey Mouth

Goodness your eyesight is phenomenal.


The more modern ones are around 400 feet tall and visible for over 30 miles.


I heard a sudden cry, as if a million seagull voices cried and were suddenly silenced.


I know that it is St Valentine's Day but surely it is Côte d’Armor and not Côte d’Amour?


Why havent our politicians .. you know, the ones supposed to represent us .. been opposing this? We all know wind farms are a complete waste of money and only viable because of unbelievable EU grants, but what about the eyesore? They will be plainly visible from Jersey.

Ah yes, I forgot. Our minister Luce put wind monitors on the Minquiers with a view to a wind farm there !!!!!!! Apparently tidal power .. which is entirely reliable and well proven ... is, according to the idiot minister, not yet sufficiently advanced. What a plonker .. maybe he gets a bung from the French?


you can see the one from Gorey on the mainland of France already. So what....Jersey moving with the times yet again. Still least we got the nuclear reactor only 15 miles or so away.


A proposal to site a massive wind farm in Poole / Bournemouth Bay was thrown out by Bournemouth and Poole Councils , they reasoned that it would have a detrimental affect on the local tourist trade and there was a public outcry against it . Even the local member of parliament spoke out against it .


Wind farms can only exist with subsidies from the EU. They are harmful to the environment and an example of eco politics gone wrong.

The moon is made of cheese

And they're harmful to the environment how??

C Le Verdic

They disrupt and absorb wind which is badly needed by elsewhere by yachtsmen and washing line users, for example.