Nuclear plant explosion: ‘Public should have had facts earlier’

FRANCE Nuclear 114817
The nuclear plant at Flamanville, Normandy, where there was an explosion in a machine room yesterday, but no leak of radiation was reported

EMERGENCY communication procedures between Jersey and French authorities were put into action yesterday following an explosion at the Flamanville nuclear plant.

The States police were contacted by the facility, which is 22 miles away on the Normandy coast, to inform the force that although there had been an incident, there was no nuclear threat.

Mark James, the Island’s chief fire officer and emergency planning officer, said that notification systems ‘worked exactly as they were meant to work’.

He said: ‘The police control room were first contacted by Flamanville at 10.52 am in a courtesy call to say that there had been an incident but that it was not nuclear.

‘Then at 11.15 am, we received another call with more information to say that the incident was under control and that five people were being treated for smoke inhalation.

However, despite mechanisms between the nuclear plant and Jersey authorities working as they should, Mr James said that information could have been distributed to the public more quickly.



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Comments for: "Nuclear plant explosion: ‘Public should have had facts earlier’"

Tony B

There is always the chant 'The Public needs to know!' Why? There was no threat at the time, and further information was promptly passed on. Contigency plans need time to activate, and given certain parts of the Public's tendency to panic, despite the howls of protest, they don't always need to know immidiatley.


If that plant ever had a major problem....everything we have worked would be written off in an, fishing, farming, property... gone instantly....i tried to get insurance on that sort of problem...could'nt get it.

Tony B

Unfortunatley Steve you're right. An Emergency unexpected ocurence that can be contained, if nessacary with the intervention of an outside agency, that's what happened. A Disaster, unexpected ocurence that cannot be contained, no comfort that in that case everybody gets a bit.


Skin cancer capital of the world, one of the highest alcohol consumption in the world, speeding cars, terrible traffic congestion and pollution. Unaffordable housing and large amounts of people living in poverty and to top it off we live next to a nuclear power plant. Jersey's beautiful beaches can no longer save this flawed Islands and the myth that this Island is so great. So great for the few.


Hmm. I'm wondering if something serious happened, the person responsible for phoning Jersey police would actually do so?

Wouldn't they be more likely to be in their car driving away as fast as possible?

C Le Verdic

Worth bearing in mind that if something really serious happens there, some of the aggro could reach Jersey at the speed of light.


I'm stumped, how is it that here in Australia I found out about this incident before the general populous in Jersey? My mother had no idea about it when I contacted her. Headline news here within 30 minutes of it happening!!!


Does anyone honestly believe that if something "serious" did happen up there, the French government or EDF or whoever would tell us ??

I can tell you that in the eye's of the French we are pretty insignificant ..


I don't that they would tell anyone, in the public domain, until it was too late for anyone to do anything to prevent themselves coming to any harm.

I imagine that to contain any situation, preventing public panic would probably be as important to the authorities as actually containing any danger. The one thing that the world has that would be considered to be expendable, is people.