Waste disposal charge ‘will improve our recycling rate’

Recycling at Bellozanne. Picture: JON GUEGAN
Infrastructure Minister Eddie Noel: ‘Without the introduction of waste charges, the Island’s recycling rate is unlikely to increase’

JERSEY will fall further behind other jurisdictions in its recycling rate unless charges are introduced for waste disposal, the Infrastructure Minister says.

A report recently published by research agency Island Global Research suggested that Jersey was lagging behind similar islands in terms of the amount of waste it recycled. The report said that the Island’s recycling rate was about 30 per cent in 2014, compared to 50 per cent in both Guernsey and the Isle of Man.

Last year the introduction by 2018 of new levies for commercial waste disposal was approved by the States as part of the Medium Term Financial Plan Addition, with £11 million of revenue targeted.

Infrastructure Minister Eddie Noel, who is due to bring proposals to the States to finalise the details of the charges this year, said that unless such charges were introduced, the Island would fall further behind.

He would also not rule out the future introduction of a domestic waste charge.







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Comments for: "Waste disposal charge ‘will improve our recycling rate’"

Squawkie L Pelican

Charges should come from income tax. This will not reduce the amount of waste produced, it just increases fly tipping. Eddie is being led by his old fashioned civil servants again.

karaoke joe

No it will not. It will lead to more illegal dumping. Take a look at figures when you start charging for what taxpayers already pay through the nose for, and you yet again try to incur more cost, people can only be pushed so far in what they pay for. Incompetence from this Minister and Government


Frankly, I don't see the connection between Waste disposal charges and recycling. They recently started charging householders here in Reading for taking plasterboard, tiles & rubble to the tip.

In view of that, mine now goes in the normal dustbin.

Tradesmen leave rubbish at the side of the road instead of paying, and the council then have to come & remove it for free.


Listen Dim Eddie - introduce a domestic waste charge and watch the fly tipping go through the roof, it's the "Jersey Way" - screw the taxpayers' then screw them some more - how anyone voted in by a parish can be given an island wide mandate is beyond belief, you are out of your depth resign !!!


God this guy is thick ! What can I recycle which I am not already doing ? Some stuff such as car batteries and domestic appliances simply come to the end of their working lives - Period (OK chuck it over a cliff !) And what is a domestic waste charge, when I already pay rates and taxes .


Utter stupidity, but what to expect from the COM.

Lets charge to dispose of rubbish....

That will surely stop fly tipping, wont it!

Rob St Peter

Typical States idiot....the only answer to everything, increase charges to the public.

Do people like him live in the real Jersey world ?...I think not.


What's Reform Jersey's stance on this, has anybody asked Andrew Lewis yet?


Or Gorst, he's in reform Jersey isn't he?


Why should we pay - I thought parish rates were for that - what else?!

Many I know can't be bothered to collect the bags to fill for re-cycling from the town hall - can't find anywhere to park either so it would help if they delivered the bags to households and maybe they will use them. Supermarkets used to stock them for you to pick up but that has stopped so who is to blame?


I agree with JKO as I know neighbours who do that and even put their garden waste in a separate dustbin and the refuse collectors take it without looking in the bin! I have seen good cardboard boxes placed in the bin and they take those too. Not for me to educate the public on what they should recycle or put in the bins - its the parish's job and what are they doing to encourage recycling - nothing but work out the charges we will have to pay!


This will just result in yet more fly tipping, and there is plenty already when you drive around.

Nick - St Martin

I already pay for waste disposal via my parish rates


On our estate there is no room, apparently, for more bins for recycling, so everything, including, builders and decorators waste, domestic appliances and glass gets put in the big green wheelie bins, that then get emptied by the parish. So I'm expected to pay ... ?

Tim South

More proof that this tax and spend, spend and spend some more la la land Council of Ministers have lost all grains of common sense.

To be fair to little clueless give us all your money Eddy, the incinerator at la Collette was out of date before it was built. What should have been installed is called a one bin single stream recycling system - see link below. This would mean fewer bins for each household, and the modern recycling plant doing all the sorting thus saving space in a very cramped over populated island. Previous ministers and the present St Helier Constable new but refused this alternative.

Since the banks and finance houses pay increasingly less tax and even get subsidised office space at the Water Front using public land, it is obvious that islanders will have to pay more for everything. The government you deserve by not voting the present long term politicians out and worse not voting at all.



The best way to encourage recycling would be to make it as simple as possible. So we will now have a new recycling centre at the far end of La Collette, which is of little use to those without transport. Who is going to bother to walk all the way down there to recycle an old toaster? The States own sites all over St Helier (i.e car parks etc). Is it beyond bureaucratic wit to set up collection points at some of these public sites? Even if on a once a week/month basis? If you make recycling difficult, then people won't bother. Having a new recycling centre, designed only for people with cars proves that our COM are just stuck in the bad old ways.


As others have said ,an increase of fly tipping.

If households are charged for waste via rates as it is now,and costs are increased,I'll simply burn my own rubbish on my own land!

The Moaning Old Bugger

Well he is not making it easy to recycle or reuse your discarded household goods....just had the reuse leaflet through the door and they want you to sort your stuff into 35 different groups and then put them in the right bin at La Collette.........well Mr Noel, if I have spend my time doing the work of your employees you can expect a bill from ME, NOT the other way round, YOU ARE A JOKE!!!!! You want your recycle figures up well YOU then need to make it worth while to us public....

Mickey Mouth

You and Andre have hit the nail firmly on the head. Let's face it this is just another way to increase revenue from Joe Public rather than genuinely improve recycling.


This morning I found two carrier bags of bottles on the pavement for the refuse men to collect - they emptied the bins and did not take the bottles which of course is right for them not to do so. This leaves the question - have parishioners been educated on how to leave their waste - no!! - so that is up to the Parishes to sort it as I doubt if they knew where to take it or maybe they had no transport! Do the parishes expect people to take them on the bus to the next recycling depot I do wonder!


What a plonker. Is this politicians IQ in minus numbers? What his plan will achieve is massive flytipping and the costs incurred in cleaning it up.