BREAKING: Economic Development chief Mike King 'resigns with immediate effect'



Mike King, chief officer for Economic Development, has resigned from his position within the States and is leaving with immediate effect, it has emerged.

Mr King was one of the civil servants at the centre of a flights scandal last year. He and a colleague spent around £13,000 flying business class to South Africa.

The civil servant joined the States in 2005 and has overseen the development of the department including the creation of Ports of Jersey, Jersey Business, Locate Jersey and Visit Jersey.

Economic Development Minister Senator Lyndon Farnham said: 'I would like to thank Mike for all that he has done since joining in 2005 and especially for the work he has undertaken in the creation of the new department during my term of office. I wish him well for the future.'

Full story in Wednesday's JEP.




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Comments for: "BREAKING: Economic Development chief Mike King 'resigns with immediate effect'"


Well it's about time this man had the decency to resign. I just hope there are no golden handshakes going along with this decision.

Resignation is resignation.

karaoke joe

Decency not on his watch. Many should follow his path


there's 6 months gardening leave for him!


I read elsewhere that he will walk away with six months salary in his pocket despite having 'resigned'.

The stink just doesn't go away, does it?

Jersey Disruptor

About time. Hopefully, others will follow! No doubt this has required another big pay out by SoJ!


If he resigned, there should be no additional payments of any kind, no pension top ups, no special early retirement provisions. Hopefully FOI requests will confirm this.

Finding Me:Mo

At last an 'immediate effect', makes a change from the pile of 'legacy issues' that remain.


Did he find out we won't be paying for another golfing trip? :)


Hmmm. It smells like the resign or be sacked scenario. Just a thought.


I have a feeling it wasn't his decision. too many golf clubs in the bag I presume.

Jean P

That is a shame.

He should have been sacked.


Good start to the year , Dean Governor Mike King all do not need to be replaced .


Field thistles

Good point. Savings should start at the top. At most the Channel Islands need one governor and the Dean saga has shown us how damaging, unchristian and money wasting these people can be. Hopefully Napolean's (Animal Farm) side kick will go too.


How does he get a payoff when he resigns and refuses to work out his notice"


Ozouf would have to sack himself first as the biggest offender on expenses abuse.

C Le Verdic


Didn't get a first class jolly to this year's golfing, I mean mining, conference?

Squawkie L Pelican

Maybe he knows where the bodies are buried.

Squawkie L Pelican

I really hope he doesn't get replaced by another imported failure... SoJ can we please just get somebody who isn't a useless, money grabbing cretin in charge of something.

karaoke joe

Hurrah can we have a party at no expense to taxpayers ? Are there more to follow ?.

The Moaning Old Bugger

We should go down to the docks and wave him off if anybody finds out when he sails off in the sun set!!!!


How come we let him go early at his request but give him six months salary! Surely it should be the other way around or no reference. I'm sure there are many menial jobs available for him for six months if he doesn't want his present job. Who writes these Civil Service contracts, will they write mine please?

Island Strife

Presumably he has gone now as there are more revelations to come with the private jets report due soon ?

It IS going to be published right ?


At least Deputy Andrew Lewis's Poodle - 'Deputy Sam Mezec' can stop waffling on about jollies to Africa and Logfiller now.

Boy did he milk those over spends.

The Crimson Horse Blanket

A good thing too. With no effective opposition it is just as well that someone blows the whistle and attempts to hold the council of ministers to account.

Scrutiny, which was one of the promised checks and balances when the ministerial system was mooted, lacks teeth. They have been rather quite here.

The people who should have looked into this disgraceful epsiode would be McClean and Ozouf, both of whom should have immediately offered their respective resignations.

Thank goodness for freedom of information. It is the only way to discover the rot. Sadly, it can't last and I fear that a change in the law or the development of an obstructive protocol will occur as more and more embarrassing incidents are revealed.


And today's JEP piece in the News section i already a "404: not found". Someone been upset??