200 affordable homes plan for Samarès Nurseries site

GR Langlois have submitted plans for a mixed development of one- and two-bedroom low-rise apartments and three-bedroom houses on the Samarès Nurseries site Picture: AXIS MASON

PLANS for 200 affordable homes in St Clement’s green zone have been submitted by developers.

The application comes two years after the States rezoned several large sites across the Island in order to provide new space for social rented and affordable housing developments to combat Jersey’s growing need for homes.

One of those areas was Samarès Nurseries, which sits off Grande Route de St Clement, and now developers GR Langlois have submitted a planning application to build on the land.

They want to create 20 one-bed units, 89 two-bed homes and 91 three-bed houses, along with parking and communal landscaped areas.

Under the plans Andium Homes – the organisation that administers the States housing portfolio – would buy the properties to offer some to first-time buyers and maintain the majority as social rented units.

To find out more call Andium on 500719 or log on to andiumhomes.je.


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Comments for: "200 affordable homes plan for Samarès Nurseries site"


STOP BUILDING IN ST.CLEMENT!! It's the smallest parish by far and the 2nd most densely populated behind St.Helier.


The more you build, the more demand you create. This is a £25 million project with a States owned company involved and another UK company taking profits. Problem is that there is an obvious conflict of interest.