USC store to open at former BHS premises

UK retailer USC is set to open in the former BHS building this Friday

UK retailer USC is set to open in the former BHS building tomorrow.

Last month, Sports Direct, which owns the business, said that the brand was only being brought to Jersey on a temporary basis and further plans would be announced in the new year.

The clothing store will give the building a new lease of life after lying empty since August when the BHS store closed with the loss of 60 jobs.

Staff were yesterday seen stocking the store and preparing the shop for business.

The new store will offer a number of brands including Levis, Calvin Klein, DKNY, Jack & Jones and Lacoste.



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Comments for: "USC store to open at former BHS premises"


English shop fitters hours... UK PLC... no tax ....does'nt bring much to the party it will 50/50 Flannels and Sports Direct next year.... our High street will not be enhanced by this company... lets hope social do not do a deal on his social contributions as they did with Sports Direct a few years back


It's more expensive than the same item in Voisins!


Noting the retrospective planning permission for the signage, I would ask how our dopey planning department cannot see unaurthorised works being undertake in the High Street ! Or is it another case of the authoirties looking the other way, while they pick on the small man !


Don't take off VAT either


As with any store, if you don't like it, don't shop there. Freedom of choice.

Plenty of choice of other stores in St Helier. (that comment is going to generate reaction I bet !)


This is just a temporary arrangement by the owner Mike Ashley, this format of business will be allowed to run down and then, to save the jobs in the store, Sports Direct will be moved from Queens Road to our high street and there is nothing our authorities can do about it. Clever plan by Mike Ashley to plant a Trojan Horse retail outlet when you really want to place your leading sports retail outlet in the high street knowing you had no chance if that would have been proposed right from the start. Planning fell for it.........suckers!


This is the man who just bought himself a new jet £50m I think, whilst the zero hours minimum wage workers have horrendous working conditions in the company's warehouses ........................

Just the sort of business needed in Jersey