End is in sight for ‘dated’ Grands Vaux apartments

An image of the redevelopment of the apartments at Troy Court, designed by Michael Bravery.

WORK to demolish and replace a series of ageing apartments in St Saviour could begin in the spring if plans are given the go-ahead.

Les Vaux Housing Trust has submitted its final proposals to rebuild six blocks at Troy Court and Valley Court at Grands Vaux.

Outline plans for the project were given the green light last summer, and the organisation now needs final approval for the details of the scheme, such as external cladding materials, style of windows and landscaping.

A minor change has also been made to the bin stores proposed for the site. Under the initial plans, they were due to have flat roofs, but following a consultation with the States natural environment team, the stores are to have pitched roofs with spaces for bats to roost.



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Comments for: "End is in sight for ‘dated’ Grands Vaux apartments "


Good God, the old ones look better. These modern architects need to go to an optician..

Squawkie L Pelican

eh? think you're the one that needs glasses, these look much better. Bet they're warm and not riddled with black mold too.


Yeah, they fit in fine. Typical Jersey architecture I don't think. The design is ghastly and high maintenance. As for the bat issue .. just shows how potty the environmental dictators have become. A real health risk.

Squawkie L Pelican

Troy Court, typical Jersey architecture??

Parry G

...and so the bats roost, drop excrement and the bin sheds stink more than they might.


...and we can afford this as well?