New police HQ ‘the best in Britain’

Chief officer of the States of Jersey Police Mike Bowron in the control room

JERSEY’s new multi-million-pound purpose-built police headquarters will be the best in Britain, the Island’s most senior police officer says.

Chief officer Mike Bowron said that the new £24 million facility, which is due to be handed over to the force in December, beats anything he has ever seen or worked in before.

He also moved to ease public concern about parking and traffic congestion outside the Green Street site affecting response times to 999 calls.

Speaking to the JEP at the new headquarters, which the police hope to fully occupy by next March, Mr Bowron said that the States should be proud of the project, which looks set to be finished on time and on budget.




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Comments for: "New police HQ ‘the best in Britain’"


Might be comfy for the mediocre coppers who will inhabit it, but it's still in an unbelievably stupid place. And as usual we have to outdo anyone else .. for what? To find we've paid more than necessary for something that isnt really that great after all. No wonder we're broke and taxes are set to rise in an island that's already uncompetitive because of the cost base.

Judge Judy

It may well be 'the best in Britain' but it should also be pointed out that it has been built on the most inappropriate place for THIS island.

Mr B

Best in Britain yes at taxpayers expense. Why do we need such a ridiculously expensive police station? Like most state departments usual overkill. Harbours and airports imagine we are running Dover Harbour and Heathrow Airport. I am sure Jersey would just be classed as some little backwater police station if in the UK run by some elderly inspector. I would love to now how this Top Policeman concluded traffic will not be an issue.

Sotte Voce

A monument to Ozouf's ego and failure to admit having made a mistake?

constables out

Expensive station,expensive underworked staff, make them work to 60+ instead of getting a "new " job & a "new" pension.


Our overpaid, well pensioned, overstaffed


Nothing about the horrendous traffic jams the location will cause, or the noise to residents, or being at the junction of the tunnel with all the MAD DRIVING police who speed and drive dangerously and kill people. No nothing about that, just the view and the price. What a disaster location this will be. Why not just renovate what was the existing site, or move it across the road in the old factory building... Nope, too easy, and too cheap. Typical Jersey.

Island Strife

It bloody well should be the best place considering the cost of it all.

This whole episode has been a catalogue of disasters, egos, and refusal to see or listen to common sense.

Like all these projects that go on in Jersey, I'm so bored of it all that I wish it was just finished now so we can all start moaning and protesting about the next big debacle - which I'm sure won't be too long.

What a sht whole this island has become.

Still, there's always our "world class" finance industry - helping to screw countries, governments and the small guy with tax "assistance" unabated for the last 30 years.

We should be glad that we all have to pay more tax to support this brilliant industry - where we we be without it. . . .

Rotten to the core.


All the Gear but no idea. Doesn't matter how high tech or futuristic offices/equipment are. They are only as good as the people using it. They will still have 'recommendations' from UK forces on how to police! sure they use UK coppers for (illegal) entrapment and sting operations over here, as everyone know coppers faces here. Anyone seen my bacon sandwich which was stolen by Steven Seagull yesterday!


Would you expect anything else other than The Best In Britain. When oh when will this bunch of Munchkins who masquerade as a responsible Government ever learn the art of being prudent and managing things within the overall income stream.

We are a busted flush here both morally and financially but still the largesse goes on and on. Why we need such an edifice for a population little more than a village in the UK is beyond most of us.

We really are on the journey to the knackers yard, new Police station, new high powered Police cars, tasers, fast response armed officers, anyone would think we live in The Bronx.

Fantasy Island here we are.

The Crimson Horse Blanket

It is very easy for them to grandstand like this when they are spending other people's money.

air con

Someone's going to while away hours looking out at that view from their desk.

Sotte Voce

Yes, they will be observing nothing in particular from the observation room and being paid a cool grand a week (plus states fringe benefits) for doing so. Nice work if you can get it. It beats looking out of the window for a living!


Quote "police headquarters will be the best in Britain" - just another example of the cavalier attitude of the States - two fingers to the taxpayers' - now all we need is a police force worthy of occupying this !!!

The Crimson Horse Blanket

Does the observation point allow a distant view of Murray Norton's reserved parking space at the airport?

Realist Human

I don't think I've ever witnessed such a pathetic headline, but that's Jersey PR for you!!


Yes, the comment must anger a lot of taxpayers, who, because of ever-increasing taxation are struggling financially.


It would be good to know when it will be occupied with a 'best in Britain' police force or something approaching it. Too highly paid for nothing approaching the work load and cases that the UK police face.


looking forward to trying it out #BOOZING!