Dozens of flights cancelled due to weather conditions

Several flights were cancelled on Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning due to weather conditions

AROUND 30 flights to and from Jersey were cancelled on Tuesday evening due to thick fog.

Two flights to London Gatwick from Jersey Airport were also cancelled on Wednesday morning and several others delayed because of the weather conditions.

However, the fog is expected to clear later in the day.

Passengers travelling from Jersey Airport are being advised to check in on time. And those meeting arrival flights should check its status online at



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Comments for: "Dozens of flights cancelled due to weather conditions"


How about installing the radar needed for the planes to land in fog

Usual Si

It's probably not worth the money given that there are wind/shear conditions in which the pilot isn't allowed to use Autoland, conditions that are relatively common in Jersey. And, as an occasional passenger on commercial flights, I want my pilot to be able to see the ground before touching down, air traffic controllers have proven to be fallable and it's my life that's at stake.

People that don't want travel disruption should really move to the mainland, it's part and parcel of island life. Being an occasional private pilot I check-in with Jersey Met and that's served me well for a long time now.