Tipper truck careers off road in St Peter's Valley

lorry rta rtc in st peter's valley picture ian florence
The vehicle careered off the road in St Peter’s Valley Picture: Ian Florence

A 39-YEAR-OLD tipper truck driver escaped unharmed on Monday after his vehicle careered off the road in St Peter’s Valley.

The road was closed shortly after 2 pm until 4.30 pm as the truck was winched back on to the road.

No other vehicle was involved in the accident.




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Comments for: "Tipper truck careers off road in St Peter's Valley"


That road is an accident waiting to happen .. it has reverse camber on most bends. Pity TTS don't spend money on that instead of pouring it down the toilet on idiot 'improvements' such as that in St Mary.

C Le Verdic

The camber is there to encourage water to run off to the side, not to assist speeding drivers. If they had wanted to encourage motor racing they would have designed it like Brooklands.

I think I would have described that as 'veered', looking at the picture. 'Careered' should have put it well into the meadow and bogged down to the axles!

Tchi niolin

thats why its called a tipper truck


Perhaps he was distracted by the sight of actual work in progress on the £1.5 million cycle track cutting an urban swathe through this lovely rural valley. Or did he actually see someone on a bicycle?


Probably going way too fast, as they do on that road.