Bergerac car sells for £20,000 at auction

ONE of the iconic cars used in the Bergerac television series was sold for £20,000 at auction yesterday.


ONE of the iconic cars used in the Bergerac television series was sold for £20,000 at auction yesterday.

The 1949 convertible Triumph Roadster 2000 was sold to an overseas buyer in China at the Bonhams auction in Harrogate. It went for just under the guide price of £25,000 - £30,000.

The car, which was one of three Triumph Roadsters used by the BBC during the series, was on screens between 1985 and 1991.

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Comments for: "Bergerac car sells for £20,000 at auction"


How is £20k "just under" when the valuation was £25k-£30k.


Because there was a buyers premium on top (not mentioned) of £3000, so that is £23,000. This is what I think they meant.


I remember Mr Nettles talking about this car on a programme about Bergerac. It was not nice to drive and frequently broke down. £20,000 seems a bit excessive to me

God's Mentor

Clearly the Bergerac connection had no impact on the price the car was sold for.

Trinity Bob


£20K is a lot less than £30k. I wonder how much the difference would have to be to be reported as significant...

Someone has bought one of three cars used and overpaid. More fool them really

awful car

bergerac/nettles always said how awful it was to have to drive it. but moses came down the hill in one.

roger wing

I remember buying a dilapidated TRIUMPH Reg J1610 in the early 70's from a Ronnie Dykes for the princely sum of £16 and a case of Mary Ann beer ! The cars roof hood was in tatters, the car still ran ok though. I later gave the car to J.J Le Marquand as a settlement for legal services relating to me speeding in a boat in the old Harbour where the ferries came in. JJ must have either sold on the car or it may have been disposed of after his passing. This was the original Car of the Bergerac series which I watched being filmed with some amusement.

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