Asbestos disaster fears

JERSEY’S hazardous stockpile of asbestos could be ‘dispersed all over the Island’ if there was a major explosion at La Collette, an environmental campaigner has warned.

The asbestos stockpile at La Collette
The asbestos stockpile at La Collette

JERSEY’S hazardous stockpile of asbestos could be ‘dispersed all over the Island’ if there was a major explosion at La Collette, an environmental campaigner has warned.

Just days after Islanders feared the worst when the emergency evacuation siren sounded at the industrial site, Transport Minister Kevin Lewis has told the JEP that 217 shipping containers of potentially cancer-causing asbestos are sitting just a few hundred metres from the site where most of the Island’s highly flammable fuel stocks are stored.

As a result, Save our Shoreline campaigner David Cabeldu has urged the authorities to use Thursday’s false alarm as a wake- up call to sort out the problem of the asbestos, which has been stockpiled following years of political deadlock over its disposal.

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Comments for: "Asbestos disaster fears"

Grumpy Pensioner

The trouble is a decision needs to be made and that seems an impossibility these days. Suggestion, why not get a firm of consultants in that will cost the tax payer hundreds of thousands of pounds to make it look as though Mr Lewis is doing his job.

When it does all go bang we can have an enquiry (as we slowly die of asbestosis) and spend more taxpayers money.


Who was the numpty that left this sitting where it is. I know TTS are good at filling out risk assesments but clearly they have no idea how to interpret the results!! No doubt the person responsible will receive councelling and retraining but no real penalty. Or perhaps they think this is acceptable!!!!!


Damn right it s about time ...


It appears we are governed by people with no common sense.

Firstly, they build the incinerator right next door to a fuel farm and if this was not bad enough our leaders then authorise the stockpiling of dangerous toxic waste next to it!

If the fuel farm really exploded it would take out a large chunk of the area.

There would be casualties and possibly fatalities.

I am fed up of our so called politicians wasting their time on petty feuds and empire building, while ignoring the real problems of Jersey.

Self righteous right or loony left,it makes no difference.

Try thinking about the people of Jersey for a change.

Lord Haw Haw

I think that should there be a major explosion at la Collette, the containers of asbestos would be the least of our worries!

Most of town, me included, would be dispersed over a wide area. Let’s not forget the raging inferno in the large crater that was St Helier, the toxic waste from the waterfront raining down on the other parishes and the destruction of our beloved council of ministers (assuming that any disaster took place between the hours of 11am and 2pm, not including weekends, and in the 20 weeks a year that they work).

On the plus side, we can assume that Mike Long, our emergency planning officer, would have been alerted from his slumber this time round in order to make a statement confirming that this was not a test, procedures would be reviewed and the wind direction was in the wrong direction.

the thin wallet

better hope for a north wind at the time of the mythical explosion.

its fire proof and the rotting containers . i think the blast would be more spread of flame as opposed to boom huge crater and shockwave .

mind you i could be wrong .

the recent gas works fire proved that it did not blow up boom huge crater and shockwave .

however , i belive the states are looking into ways to encapsulate it and bury it .

. still a sixteen year old problem should be solved by now , no?

trouble is it costs money and nothing to show for it , no statue or steamclock.

Low Cement

Well pointed out Save our Shoreline. Is this not exactly the role of a pressure group ,to tease out issues in a rational and controlled way that pushes politicians to explain their positions.

That may not make them popular but a very necessary aspect to the well being of Jersey.Keep it up!


The fact these containers are still there rotting away shows the little concern our government has for the island and its inhabitants. It is utterly disgraceful that nothing has been done about this and likely that unless forced into it via a public campaign, they will continue to do nothing.

My Opinion

And what about the ones that are buried and now covered over with grass behind the EFW plant!


Just mix it in with the ash that they will have to ship out, But don't tell anyone,and if they get caught spinning top ozouf can bulls--- his way out of it.

Warren J

It is all hypothetical but yes something could happen.

Going back to 9/11, the Twin Towers contained asbestos and the US very quickly arranged a clear up operation, it only later becoming apparent that there may have been H & S issues for the immigrant workers !


I remember reading that Donna Summer blamed her terminal cancer on 911.

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