When Jersey gets under your  skin...

SOME people show that they are proud of where they come from by flying flags, supporting football teams or wearing T-shirts.


SOME people show that they are proud of where they come from by flying flags, supporting football teams or wearing T-shirts.

But, increasingly Jersey Beans are turning to a more permanent way to show off their patriotism – tattoos.

According to one local tattooist, a growing number of Islanders are getting themselves inked with Jersey-themed artwork.

And they are not just stopping at flags or badges, with requests for everything from detailed landscapes of Mont Orgueil and other local landmarks to intricate sketches of Jersey cows, homages to Bergerac and even Jèrriais.

Jon Denny-Mallen (42) runs Skin Deep tattoo studio in Hope Street and said that more and more Islanders were coming to him asking for local tattoos.

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Comments for: "When Jersey gets under your skin..."


Our local chavs sporting tattoos like above will be a great advert for Jersey!


It's so true. I have the bergerac tattoo and I never leave home with my kappa jacket and born slippy cd single.


"Jersey Beans" now there a word you will not be able to use once this Stupid discrimination law comes into effect!!!!!


I hope they are equally as proud of their artwork when they are old, the tatoo has faded and their skin is so saggy the Jersey map looks more like Guersney.


he must work for the states


I had a big Jersey Flag tattooed on my left shoulder about 6-7 years ago.


Leanne D'Throll

I hope that washes clean .............

T.F Witt

Well done chap, the Island salutes you. We need more people of your calibre and less of those pesky immigrants.


Silly people.


Home Pweet Home ...

Brandon Kent

If the folks doing this wanted to be really parochial (in more ways than one)they could get their home parish tattoed on their anatomies.

Methinks super-proud St.Ouenais' would be the best candidates...

norman conquest

I had tears of laughter when I saw that person had Bergerac tattood on their toes. Incredible.


It really annoys me when people say you’ll regret it when your old when your skin becomes wrinkly or saggy, you know what not everybody will reach old age and if I manage to reach an age when my skin becomes ‘saggy’ it wont matter because they will remind me of my youth. All of my tattoos mean something to me whether they are to remind me to keep on living, my heritage or to state a time in my life. Either way I will not regret mine and I am sure there are many others who feel the same. So if you don’t like them fair enough don’t get one done, but my tattoos are apart of me and who I am and there is nothing silly about wanting to express that.


I would recommend that anyone who has clever children point them in the direction of being a plastic surgeon. There are going to be tens of thousands of people who will want to have this 'artwork' removed when they grow up.

The surgeons will be able to make a fortune!