Police move to limit alcohol in shops

EVERY off-licence in St Helier could be asked to stop selling ‘super-strength’ alcohol in an effort to cut crime and anti-social behaviour in town.

The police have written to licensed shops in Cheapside
The police have written to licensed shops in Cheapside

EVERY off-licence in St Helier could be asked to stop selling ‘super-strength’ alcohol in an effort to cut crime and anti-social behaviour in town.

The States police recently wrote to all licensed shops in the Cheapside area to ask them to consider taking beer, cider and lager stronger than 6.5 per cent off the shelves following complaints about low-level crime in Parade Gardens.

And the force has said that if the trial is successful they would introduce it throughout town.

But the move has already been fiercely rejected by two shopkeepers, who have said that the proposals will fail to cut crime.

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Comments for: "Police move to limit alcohol in shops"


How ridiculous, more civil servants thinking up ways to keep themselves in their highly lucrative jobs.

Vodka is 40% proof, some are 88%, lets ban that too!

And why pick on these few shops, grossly unfair! The people in who drink in the parade will just buy somewhere else.

We already have laws in place to deal with drunks or people causing a public nuisance, get out of you nice cosy police station and enforce the laws you have, stop making new ones up when you are not even elected.

The police have no right to do this, it is the job of the people we vote in to the States to do this.

What will be next in our nanny state?


We all know whom the people concerned are, and if they dont have the super strength booze they will simply buy cheaper stuff and take longer to get hanging.

This is not the answer, they have a problem which need social and medical help. I dont know how to help, but they must first actually want to help themselves... The jury is out on that one.

Gino Risoli

Once again we spend time thinking tampering with problems instead of getting to the root causes.

Lord Haw Haw

The police are politely referring to our homeless colleagues, so often seen singing, dancing, fighting and vomiting in the public parks of St Helier. A ban of super strength hobo juice will not reduce anti-social behaviour – they will just buy two cans of cheap lower alcohol beer instead.

Stop giving them social security cash and distribute a voucher system for food and non alcoholic drinks only. Failing that, bring back that old law about it being an offense to be homeless.


Also remove it from the police club.


Brilliant, leave all the scotch, vodka and other spirits on display but hide the tramp juice lager.

Please stop interfering un-necessarily in people's lives


phenylbutazone in horsemeat is a lot worse than booze

Local & seen it

The key word here is "Asked not "told".

How far does asking go when money/profit is involved?

With the current articles on DRUGS why does alcohol not fall in to this category?

Jersey has a problem with alcohol and hard drugs but the people who can make the change still will not listen.

As the availability and quality of a softer drug (cannabis) is very low then people will get there kicks/highs by other means.

If this was to continue then there will be an increase in the consumption of alcohol, legal highs, hard drugs.

The other factor stated by others recently is the cost/profit and some hard drugs are easier to smuggle so there is more available.

Look at what other countries have been doing and are looking to do regarding Prohibition.

Yes there will be people who don't agree but please look at the facts (www.clear-uk.org) and not what you read in politically controlled newspapers.


I don't get it. This will just make people produce bad quality alcohol at home, or we'll see more people smuggling it in. In Germany you can buy a crate of beer (20 x 0.5l)for 5 € and they don't have the problems the UK has. Even stronger alcohol Smirnoff (0,7l) can be bought for 8.99. People will always drink and banning something brings other problems

the thin wallet

wont stop a thing.

the park brigade have been drinking there for over 30 years.

more from the nanny state.


Police state me thinks as bad as our government rotten from the top down. Time the lot of them was put firmly in their place they are there to serve and protect not to DICTATE


Lower alcohol level,wont they just drink more??


As someone who walks past these upstanding members of the community each morning, often seeing them urinate or vomitting in public whilst supping from their cans of Frosty Jack cider, greeting passers by with a friendly "**** off!", I can say I look forward to this happening, though I won't hold my breath.


Ahh, good old prohibition, tried, tested and proven to be completely ineffective. Still maybe 10,000th time will be the charm, huh...


Just goes to show that Jersey Police along with most other States Departments have no clue.

These people in Parade Gardens will do what they do wherever they are.

At least in Parade Gardens they are 1 minute from the nick and 30 seconds from the hospital.

Every society has people like this it is how you deal with them that is the key.

It is funny how it is mentioned "low level crime".

The biggest crooks are those the JFSC and the JFCU and the Police will not look into.

Simple Sid

Why don't we just close every retail shop and have it done with States Departments are not supporting business's and have no interest in doing so.


We are becoming a laughing stock a nanny state. Those shops that sell alchohol are licensed to do so how much control do the police require.We have so many state departments telling us what is good for us what is bad for us.I remember the days when people could think for themselves.Is this another brick in the wall of complete control of our population.


Wow, this shows just how out of touch the Police are. It doesn't fill me with any confidence if I actually needed them


Just ban the shopkeepers - they are the people selling it to the kids!


The other option was to remove the benches from the park, but that was a bit to obvious...

Crazy diamond

The Police should be looking at shops that have now changed to be 'shops with tables and seating and TV's' in, that are selling 'their friends/customers/community' individual alcoholic beverages i.e. being illegal pubs.


Agree with everyone here. It's a ridiculous idea dreamt up by people who need to invent headlines to keep themselves in jobs.

Only a complete moron would believe that any problems with drink can be solved by reducing the choice of drink on offer.