Islanders asked if the States are a good customer

Islanders who do business with the States are being asked for their views on what kind of customer they are.

Public Accounts Committee chairwoman Tracey Vallois
Public Accounts Committee chairwoman Tracey Vallois

Islanders who do business with the States are being asked for their views on what kind of customer they are.

The Public Accounts Committee have launched a review of spending on goods and services by all States departments.

The committee want to find out if the central procurement unit, which decides on States contracts for everything from IT services and buses to stationery and printers, is getting the best value for money.

As well as reviewing the work of the procurement unit, the committe are seeking the views of Islanders who conduct business with the States

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Comments for: "Islanders asked if the States are a good customer"


Seriously....would a company doing business with the states in the current environment really risk saying anything negative? What a ridiculous idea! If that is the best they can do heaven help us!

James Wiley

What on earth would anyone have to complain about anyway... They pay at least double what anyone else does for everything they purchase.

That is my kind of customer.


I know for a fact one case when a small local carpentry company was turned down in a very nasty way, and anotherm also local carpentry company, was brought in - doing/building less for more than two times more money.

What was the difference between companies? Level of service and commitment - yes but in favour of the company turned down.

The simple truth was the owner of the company which was turned was not in an old boys club, not a one who usually does business with states, not the one who knows someone who knows someone... When doing business with States it doesn't matter what you do, it does matter who you know.

D De Jersey

The tendering process for any works can, on the face of it, seem abitrary.

There are however, many other facets to accepting a tender for a job with the States. They are based on best value for the tax payer and these are audited.

Established relationships are a tick in a box that can get you ahead of a rival, despite untested promises of good service and a low price. Also giving a job to a small company that has only existed for a short period of time will also present an unacceptable risk to taxpayer funds.


They should ask the owner of the local stone quarry. 8 years in the planning for the Millenium park and he was asked to supply the granite in a very short notice. So like we all do, States went for a cheap and quick Chinese alternative.

Lord Haw Haw

What a ridiculous waste of time and money. What company wishing to stay in business would say negative comments about their client base?

Another boring Thursday with nothing else to do at the office of the Public Accounts Committee was it ?

I honestly despair at the level of stupidity of those seemingly trying to govern this place.

My Opinion

Firstly STOP using non island consultants for even the smallest of services jobs. Secondly STOP employing non island contractors. Thirdly STOP expanding into works which then take work away from local tax paying people trying to earn a crust. You are kidding yourselves its cheeper you need to look at the big picture and support the tax paying people of Jersey.

James Wiley

It would be better if the States of Jersey asked their customers if they were happy with the service provided...

I believe I can tell you what the level of satisfaction would be.


I at all possible try to aviod using any government departments if I can possibly do so.

My feeling in dealing with any States Department unless you are in "their team" (like Dandara etc) they start with a "No" mentality.

Although using the words "who do I sue if you say no and it costs me money and I was right all along" works.

Ministers and Senior Civil Servants role over and let you tickle their tummies when you ask that question.

Try it!!!!

gino risoli

Tracey Vallois is just one politician who l have spoken too about financial accountability.

The truth is our government is not interested in saving money, if it were it would put all detailed spending and tendering online so that we could all audit spending. THEREFORE Tracey's comments is simply hot air.


Perhaps Tracey is doing this to raise the public's attention whilst remaining within her remit.