Tuula murder hunt: New lead

Detectives believe Islanders who used to attend a foreign nationals club in St Saviour may hold vital clues in the hunt for Finnish au pair Tuula Hoeoek’s killer.

Detective Inspector Lee Turner, the senior investigating officer at the field where the body was found
Detective Inspector Lee Turner, the senior investigating officer at the field where the body was found

Detectives believe Islanders who used to attend a foreign nationals club in St Saviour may hold vital clues in the hunt for Finnish au pair Tuula Hoeoek’s killer.

New leads in the re-opened murder inquiry have led police to believe she was regular visitor of the Anglo Club in Georgetown.

Since the case was re-opened last month, the States of Jersey police have received more than 25 calls – some containing new leads about her final hours.

The 20-year-old was bludgeoned to death with a heavy blunt object and her body dumped in a St Clement field on 31 December 1966.

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Comments for: "Tuula murder hunt: New lead"

Lord Haw Haw

I can see the costs running into a couple of hundred grand, taking into account a few first class tickets to Finland to interview friends to see if they recall seeing anything unusual on a winters night almost 50 years ago. The inquiry will no doubt conclude that any suspects are probably dead, any witnesses are either also dead or cannot remember anything from that night and the Anglo Club was disbanded a few decades ago and is now the site of luxury flats. It will also be mentioned that vital evidence was not preserved at the scene and a further enquiry will be taking place into the conduct of officers at the time.

The DI on the case will receive a promotion and announce that the cold case team are now investigating a death linked to a dragon, a murderous squire and a burial mound at La Hougue Bie.


perhaps if a member of your family had been murdered you might not be so flippant with your comments. It's not about cost it's about justice for the family. I speak from experience.

Lord Haw Haw

I too speak from experience. However, a case nearly fifty years old will provide no justice for the family and only reopen old wounds. Nothing will come from this and the only winners will be the beneficiaries of overtime and luxury travel. Why not go back another 20 years and investigate the deaths from starvation and deportation during the occupation. There has to be a cut off time for these cases. Sadly this is one of them.


Sorry cannot agree with you.My mother was murdered over 20 years ago and just to know that the person may still be caught & punished for the crime means alot to me.I can assure you it's not a case of reopening old wounds the wounds are very open & raw already. You say you to speak from.experience, i hope you had a better outcome.


I am just a bit suspicious about the cost of all this against the probability of achieving anything. I hope the Chief Officer is going to be able to justify the expense.


Yes this is going to cost the Island a lot but if the case had been investigated properly in the first place it wouldn't have come to this. Surely the expense is worth it if it helps a grieving family to be able to finally know what happened to their daughter, maybe sister,cousin, auntie or good friend. Put yourselves in their shoes and think how you would feel if Tula was your family member.


So that is why we have another 13 new police officers being trained up, i wondered when it was reported the other day that crime was down why we needed them


To replace retired officers? ...The Police aren't just on the street, there are many different departments working on various things. Also, ever thought that crime was down because there are so many officers in place?

50 years resident but now gomne

I was resident in Jersey at the time. I well recall being told by a police officer friend who was one of the first on the scene that by the time the (paid) police arrived an honorary policeman had hosed down the scene so as to "remove all the blood and gore". I reckon you should be looking for a high profile individual that the hon. police were trying to shelter.

Gone away after 50 years.


I understand that the Chief of the States police at the time was in fact the officer who made that blundering error. The States police jumped to the unfortunate conclusion that a fatal hit and run motor incident had occurred.

Your information is therefore incorrect and probably malicious. It is not entirely surprising to note that the source of the misinformation came from a member of the states force.

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