Jersey the target for major UK drugs gangs

WE may only be a small Island but Jersey has become a big target for major UK drugs gangs.


WE may only be a small Island but Jersey has become a big target for major UK drugs gangs.

Today – in the third day of a series examining the Jersey drugs scene – the JEP reports on the constant battle to defend the Island from major drugs importations.

And we reveal the staggering difference in drugs prices between Jersey and the UK which has turned the Island into a magnet for organised criminal gangs.

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Comments for: "Jersey the target for major UK drugs gangs"


How many lives does alcohol claim here every year?


Prices are high, because of the risks involved in getting the drugs into the island. Also because of this the drugs are often of a much lower quality than the same drugs available in the UK, as dealers cut them with all sorts to increase their profits. What is worth £20 in the UK can be worth up to £1000 in Jersey


Totally agree Jon, however Jersey over estimated the prices in Jersey

Parktown Prawn


"Prices are high, because of the risks involved in getting the drugs into the island."

It is not as difficult as it should be to get drugs into this island.

There are plenty of small, isolated coves and bays where a shipment can be made from the short crossing from France.

It was not long ago that a guy who was "missing" had actually canoed from Jersey to France to get away.

I would think some highly (and not so highly) organised gangs can manage it quite easily, don't you?

The price is high because people are willing to pay that price.....simple.


I happen to be talking with a coast guard form Cherbourg years ago, and they do patrol for those kind of small boats. They obviously can't catch them all.


why cant i get any weed then


jersey is a broken society but the bubble men cant see it and they think people are going to visit here on holiday. not a chance something needs to be done is becoming such a big joke its worldwide

Just me

If JEP starts publishing the prices of drugs in UK and Jersey, then you are beeing total irresponsabel. Please dont do that because many young and adult when they realise how much they have to gain they will defenetely take the risk. I work in the field and beleive me I have seen parents and people who have nothing to do with criminality in such desperation with the amount of debts because of there children in university or tax payments etc, they have many thought of doing something stupid and earn some Money like that. Please DO NOT explain the diference of prices or you will be total irreponsabel and many more people wil take the risk


Don't waste your breath complaining people!

We have had a succession of Governments, including this one, who only care about keeping the finance industry happy

Everything else in society is unimportant

Major Problem

In your article in Monday's JEP it stated that legal highs were so prevalent because illegal drugs are so scarce, but today you're saying Jersey is a major target for illegal drug gangs.

Which one is it? Where are all these illegal drugs?

Just because Curtis Warren had no passport and very limited options, and decided to come to Jersey doesn't mean it is the norm!

The Thinker

There is something of a ring of 'hype' to this JEP series. Jersey has a very small population (in comparison to other places as opposed to size of the rock itself). There are drugs addicts and dependants here and as such there is a drugs market with high prices related to the risks of importation BUT there needs to be some perspective and context to the situation. There are a limited number of people doing various forms of substance abuse and those people can only purchase a limited quantity whether we are talking illegal substances or legal highs. Like you I question exactly what the JEP are trying to tell us - other than hype up a situation to sell copy.

(That's not to say there isn't a drugs issue over here - I believe that there is, but simply question the methodology of how it is being reported).


The Thinker, most drug users are not addicts, just like most drinkers are not alcoholics!


how many lives does booze ruin compared to drugs? A lot more than drugs ever will

Purple Om

In 1990/91 ees were 25 a pop, a trip 7, an ounce 160. In 2013 I am told ees are a fiver, trips virtally non existent and an ounce has now become grams.... so I am told. How is the drug market more lurative now ? when Jersey is zapping out the big chiefs, catching the dealers, and only the wannabes still at it ravers remain. There is no money to be made in Jersey, the days of the big bucks are long gone in my view.

Miss Piggy

In Jersey 2013 from what i have heard from others this week as we talked about the JEP articles as i do not use drugs these days myself (apart from the very odd spliff at parties if i'm offered):

"ees" as you say are virtually non existent, and when they do occasionally come around are £15 at least if they have a decent amount of MDMA in them (very rare).

"Pills" which could contain anything (possibly very dangerous) are about £8-£10.

Usually poor quality Moroccan "Pollem" Cannabis Resin is now sold by the gram at between £10-£15 a g (£280-£420 an ounce) when it is available because there are regular droughts (which in my experience leads to more people drinking the more dangerous Alcohol.)

Cocaine is £80 a gram and usually only 1-5% pure (again possibly very dangerous as you don't have a clue what the other 99% is).

Random white powders (which could contain anything, sometimes Mephedrone) is usually £50-£80 a gram.

Purple Om

Thanks for the prices, you seem to know them all. But I did not say ees were non existent I said trips were. As for pills at 15 quid, I have never come across those. Moroccan "pollem" Cannabis I have not heard of either. As for cocaine and other white powders, crikey, the detailed insight on pricing is intriguing. Do they sell all these in the co-op ?

Purple Om

The trouble with Jersey is also that it has slackened on its sentences for drugs and dealers/sellers since back in the 90's. Unless you show stiffer and harsher punishment porple will still try to bring them in. Higher the sentencing and keep the next generation safe from the scum who bring them in and play on the youngsters.

Miss Piggy

I wouldn't call 13-14 year sentences for importing Cannabis slackening off!

I would also be much more worried in general about those people (can they be called scum too?) who peddle the very addictive and destructive legal highs Alcohol and Tobacco to our youngsters!

And also about the Doctors dishing out Antidepressants like Smarties to people with minor depression/blues! No one knows how a lot of these Antidepressants work, in many cases they do not relieve depression in patients, and cause many horrible side effects including suicide.

I'm sure there is a big link between the high prescriptions of Antidepressants and the very high suicide rate in Jersey. Doing a bit of reading up on Google, many experts seem to agree!

Purple Om

So who got 13-14 years? the discussion is about major drug gangs and criminals, not doctors who peddle anti depressants. Drug sentences have become very slack in Jersey over the past years since the drug culture began.

the thin wallet

who has caused more havoc ?

drug dealers or global finaciers.

failing businesses, unemployment , loss of family homes .

Parktown Prawn

thin wallet

"who has caused more havoc ?"

I would say drug dealers (and their cartels) because they and the desperate addicts are responsible for 10's of thousands of murders and robberies every year globally.

Now, if you asked "who has caused more havoc ? drug dealers or the government"....then that would be a tough call ;-)

Miss Piggy

Er..Parktown Prawn, isn't that because they are illegal?

Are you too blind to see that Prohibition causes the problems you mention above, not the drugs themselves?

It's no different to Alcohol Prohibition in the USA in the 1920's which gave rise to Al Capone and The Mafia!