Public hearings this week over Green Street plans

THE impact on parking and traffic of a new police station at Green Street is to be assessed by an urgent review this week.

Deputy Judy Martin at the Green Street car park site
Deputy Judy Martin at the Green Street car park site before work began

THE impact on parking and traffic of a new police station at Green Street is to be assessed by an urgent review this week.

Next month the States are due to debate a proposition from Deputy Judy Martin calling for the plans for a new, four storey police headquarters on part of the Green Street car park to be scrapped.

However, before that debate goes ahead the Environment Scrutiny panel has said important questions still need to be answered about parking and traffic.

It is now due to hold four public hearings this week as part of a short, yet detailed, review into the matter.

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Comments for: "Public hearings this week over Green Street plans"


Wouldn't the Esplanade car park be better for this, I would think Green Street would be quite dangerous considering how busy that road is and how do police get through the tunnel at rush hour if there's a call out towards the west of the island?.

There is no point building offices on the Esplanade as finance is dying in Jersey and there are hundreds of thousands of square feet of empty office space at the moment.


Nick I agree that the location is terrible and on a busy main road. But how do you suggest they get through the tunnel now (or on your proposed esplanade site) during rush hour when there is an emergency out east?!


No different to how they are doing it now, and no different to out west should it be built at green st, with blues and twos


Build the hospital on the waterfont and put the police station where the hospital was. Add a few level to the Green Street Car Park. JOB DONE. Everybody s happy.

Just looking at the picture, you are just about having enough space for a wheel chair on the pavement. Never mind the near death experience when the big lorry at the back is coming past you...

When you can hear the Police car rushing out behind you, I wonder how easy you can pull on the side while you are in the tunnel... 2 wheeler may be. Driving tests are about to get tougher... lol


It is in the wrong place, why won't these fools listen.

It has been identified to relocate the hospital to the water front, I don't necessarily agree with this, but I have always said that this is where fire, ambulance and the police should be located, but looking at it, yes if it deemed necessary to build a new hospital, build a property that will hold all of the emergency services in one place to a modern standard future proofing where ever possible?

No-one to disturb, easy access to the east and west of the island for all the emergency services and with all 4 departments running from one site, and building works not disrupting St Helier. Surely the savings will be enormous but who am I to suggest this, yup, some nobody that will be ignored for making a sensible suggestion??

the thin wallet

are the cells still outside?

this may be the end of parking in green street car park.


Serious mistake to even think of putting a police station here. An accident waiting to happen and logistically poorly placed! Build a purpose built one on the waterfront. This would give safe and quick access to both sides of the island and make sensible use of the land rather than more flats and offices. They could build it next to a new hospital!

R. Williams

It is ridiculous to even consider putting the police station there.

The ideal place is somewhere near the waterfront. Why not close retail in Liberty Wharf, (basically a failure), and use it for the new station. Ideally situated with good access to east, west and north?


We don't need a police station. Let them work from home


Again, there's nothing fundamentally wrong with the Station where it is.

In these times of austerity there is not a need to spend money on a new building


I think PJ has it sussed, then they could all share admin staff and technology and be able to reduce staff numbers and save taxpayers money.

You could also ask, why do they need a new station and can the Island afford all this, finance is under a prolonged assault from the UK and may well be driven out of the Island, so then where do we get the money for this?

We are all having to 'make do' at the moment, maybe the police should do the same?

Peter crofts

I think that it is a good work from home. A police station is just an expensive luxury which does not really justify itself. Regards, Peter Crofts


good place for new police station i am informed no emergency cars will be sent from here delay will increase the cost


The worst site possible to build a Police Station, most of the public say so, but as usual, who are we?