HMV is now accepting vouchers

DON’T throw out your old HMV vouchers – the store is accepting them again from today.


DON’T throw out your old HMV vouchers – the store is accepting them again from today.

The music, film and game retailer, currently in administration because of mounting debt, had initially refused to accept vouchers and gift cards.

But Deloitte, the firm overseeing the company as it continues to trade, now say that they will honour the vouchers.

The move will be good news for anyone who received vouchers for a Christmas present but had not used them by the time the store went into administration last week.

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Comments for: "HMV is now accepting vouchers"


And so they should do, the administrators were ill advise to stop taking them, you can't continue to trade selling goods only, but refuse to accept gift vouchers, returns or refunds, not if you wish the business to continue on.


Maybe the change in position follows the receipt of legal advice pointing out that the vouchers, as a "chose in action" could not be dishonoured.

St Johnnie

Victory for the little guy, and I have a little guy in the house who will be delighted to hear that he can now spend his Christmas gifts.


You can't call the one's bought a couple of weeks ago OLD

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