Nurses reject States’ imposed pay deal

THE majority of Jersey’s nurses have rejected a controversial pay deal imposed by the States negotiating body.


THE majority of Jersey’s nurses have rejected a controversial pay deal imposed by the States negotiating body.

The States Employment Board sparked anger among most public sector unions earlier this month when it broke off talks and enforced a three-year pay deal.

And although nurses were given a slightly better deal than other States workers, members of the two biggest nurses’ unions – the Royal College of Nursing and the Jersey Nursing Association – this week unanimously rejected the offer.

Members of the Royal College of Midwives are understood to still be considering the deal.

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Comments for: "Nurses reject States’ imposed pay deal"


Our Chief Minister has recently assured us that we have over a billion pounds of surplus assets and properties. There is no longer any justification for refusing this very justified pay-rise.

If savings are required get rid of the expensive but incompetent management structure as it seems that it is left to the medical staff to cover this function.


Good for them they deserve more. I would cull the management and pen pushers and use the savings made to pay the nurses more.

The way the states are going there won't be many left in a few years. Why bother coming to Jersey when you can be better off elsewhere?

A classic states own goal.

P.S. what are these controversial changes to T&C's?

Are they cutting back on things like holidays, shift allowances, and cutting pension entitlements etc? It wouldn't surprise me if they were.


This is a pay cut, this year and next. In 2014 the averagee wage of a Nurse will fall by 20% if this is accepted. The board of managers want to pay thier own bonuses. Time for Senator Gorst to wake up.


The Jersey Government is trying its best to finish the island off and by picking on nurses just goes to show how out of touch they are. I truly despare and fear for the future of Jersey.


Future? What future?


Even though they have been warned not too, by the majority, they have still gone ahead and put that 1%, into our bank accounts today.


Sorry I have the greatest respect for Nursing Staff I once was one myself however there are so many out there now who have not had a pay rise this year I don't believe they should even be being offered a pay rise and that goes for all States workers. Maybe if the lights were turned off in states buildings at night rather than being lit up like a beacon there would be a money saving tip and it could be considered next year like the rest of us

Mark G

Can someone please tell me why everyone is slating the bus drivers for wanting to protect their terms and conditions yet everyone demands nurses are paid more?

I understand and support the importance of the nurses and the poor conditions they work under but why should the bus drivers be any different?

If you have an issue with your legal contract of employment and you sit and be silent then you have to expect to be walked all over.


I couldn't agree with you more Mark. The reason the bus drivers are being moaned at and the nurses aren't is because the are standing up for themselves and their families by going on strike. Something the nurses aren't doing. YET. Maybe if the do the public will realise that or so called leaders are all corrupt.

C Le Verdic

Best thing is to be a developer, like Mr Hemmings. No lack of public support, apparently, for his next pay rise. Plenty of moral outrage that he might lose out 'in these difficult times'.

The wealthy can always count on the support of the admiring Jersey public, most of whom haven't got a hope in hell of joining their ranks.

I can understand the perception that you might need a nurse more than you might need a bus driver, but why worry about guaranteeing the takings of a rich man who doesn't even live here?

To Net or Not To Net

@C Le Verdic

I totally agree with you, CLV, pity there are no 'Like' buttons on here.



Mark, As identified on other threads.

People support the nurses as they put forward a well thought out and reasoned response as to why their pay should increase.

People are “slating the bus drivers for wanting to protect their terms and conditions” as they have not given any realistic details of why the strike is happening. On the other hand, it known that their new contract has the same or better conditions than previously, apart from a limit on overtime.

So, it appears people do not like the Union agreeing to a Strike over terms that the Union agreed to.