Concern for Christmas appeal total

ORGANISERS of the Jersey Christmas Appeal are urging Islanders to give it their support as donations are £30,000 down on this time last year.

Volunteer collectors David Pirouet and Fred Le Gresley
Volunteer collectors David Pirouet and Fred Le Gresley

ORGANISERS of the Jersey Christmas Appeal are urging Islanders to give it their support as donations are £30,000 down on this time last year.

Appeal chairman Tim Hicklin predicts that if the current trend continues until the collection stops on Christmas Eve, around £80,000 will have been donated – £40,000 short of the £120,000 target.

The 2011 appeal raised £100,000, but with high rates of unemployment continuing during this year, and with the cost of living, including heating costs, increasing, this year’s appeal team have faced a big challenge in bringing in funds.

That major drop in donations has come against the backdrop of an increased number of people applying through support agencies for a hamper, and heating and toy vouchers.

Full story in Friday's JEP

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Comments for: "Concern for Christmas appeal total"

Lord Haw Haw

Would this be the same Jersey Christmas Appeal who’s then chairman Edward Trevor said on November 30 2009 during a BBC Jersey broadcast that “most AIDS sufferers are responsible for their own condition” and tried to get the police to stop ACET collecting at the same time as them ?

Although he did eventually resign people do have long memories. I haven’t donated since then.

There are plenty of other local charities who now receive my cash.


Yes it is he same. I too have favoured other charities at the expense of this one and shop mobility. The lack of backbone and extremely weak governance during this saga has cost them dear.


The Jersey Chritmas Appeal is not a charity.

The actual title of this fund raising endeavour is The Jersey Joint Charities Christmas Appeal. The clue is in the name.


With the deepening recession I can see why. Ordinary people are being squeezed tighter and tighter.

Fed Up

I know it is for charity, but people are poorer as the result of a recession.

Everyone is cutting back.

That's life sadly.


At charity home begins !!! - not necessarily in that order, in case you

haven't noticed we are in a recession, people are being made redundant

and money generally is tight - especially at this time of year.


This article made me quite angry

The reason more people are asking for help, is the same reason donations are down.

I hate the tone of what this guy is saying, he's almost suggesting we are being selfish by not donating the shirts off our backs

Warren J

So in times of difficulty, and no pay rises for many, this charity has increased its collection target by 20 % !

I am not sure why poor families have to spend so much at Christmas - We spend very little - Main topic in our house of late has been next summers holiday which we are in the process of booking !!!!

Me skint mon vie!

You're lucky you can afford a holiday. I'm one of those poor families you're referring too but I'm not spending a lot and I can't afford a holiday next year or any year for the foreseeable future. I work and pay my taxes and still can't make ends meet.

Don't have a holiday for once and donate your pennies to charity!


We can't dig deep in our pockets if we haven't got it, we are in a recession as much as we would love to the worse off we are ALL suffering, as the STATES to dig deep they dig deep for themselves so time for them to sit around the table and make some sensible proposals on how to help...

1. Cut out their expenses to luxurious travels

2. Have their meetings in house rather than the Radisson Hotel

3. Reduce their mega bonus

Then their would be plenty of extra cash to help those in need.... after all they use the tax payers money for the above activities!!!!!!

The Thinker

I'm interested in the maths of this situation. Last year £100 k was raised. In these days of recession that was a superb total. With everything that has happened during the last 12 months most people would predict the collection would be down for all the obvious reasons. And yet they set a target £ 20,000 larger. Another example of people not living in the real world.


Spot on Thinker my thoughts exactly.

I admire what these guys do, but the expectation of a 20% increase in donations in a year that has seen so many adverse economic conditions is incredibly fantastical.

You would think that Mr Pirouet as a former senior accountant would have a better grip on setting financial targets.

the thin wallet

a true reflection of the people in the street.

rising rices no pay rise to combat the rising prices.

if we have less , there wil be less to go round .

same again next year, dont expect much from 2013.

Me skint mon vie!

I was in town on Thursday evening and same last Thursday. Town is empty bar a few people. I remember it being mobbed a few years ago. We are all in the same boat, charity starts at home!

Captain caveman

I worked for a large national charity, and fundraising was tough even though it was a very emotive charity. The thing is they found countless ways to raise money without being continually seen as 'tin shakers'

People have less money, and if the town is saturated with buckets for collection, and sometimes (with the best intention) they are face to face, approaching collectors, it puts people off and makes them uncomfortable, when they have given 100yards down the high street.