Unemployment rise after two months of falls

THERE were 1,720 people registered as out of work by the end of October – a rise of 110 after two months of falls.

The Advance to Work scheme was set up to help the unemployed
The Advance to Work scheme was set up to help the unemployed

THERE were 1,720 people registered as out of work by the end of October – arise of 110 after two months of falls.

New figures out this morning show that the number of unemployed Islanders at the end of October was 220 higher than the year before, and 430 higher than two years previously.

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Comments for: "Unemployment rise after two months of falls"


Doesn't surprise me when you only have one main industry and a financial crisis. Costs are too high on the Island and other jobs just about pay the rent.


Bad news, yet the SoJ seem hell bent on giving away £10m to a fringe group to buy a plot of land, when in reality that money could be put to better use getting people into or back into work.

C Le Verdic

Or give them a pleasant place to go and walk when they are free from the burden of work!

(No, I'm not referring to the fringe group, most of them have always been free from the burden of work!)

Mr Carson

With the greatest respect to both the Social Security Department, the JEP and the Statisticians, the figures mentioned are completely inaccurate, they don't take into account the 900 students and above who are presently in full time education at Highlands College, many of whom simply beecause they are presently unable to secure gainful emloyment.

It doesn't include those who are presently employed on a temporary basis, myself included which probably total another 500 and certainly doesn't include those who are presently in receipt of Long term invalidity benefit, some of whom are suffering from depression which in some cases can be contributed to unemployment, although that is too complex a subject to consider here.

The real and true figure is closer to 5,000, which is almost ten percent of the working population which for an island as wealthy as Jersey borders on the ridiculous; the fundamental problem is an unmanageable population increase in recent years, therefore, when is a politician going to have the courage and common sense to tackle the real issues and stop hiding behind nonsensical statistics.


Yes, and if you just count the working population it's a lot higher. Jersey has a high amount of pensioners that also make the figures look good. Temporary contract is a job (personal income), so you can't put these people on the list. What makes me laugh is that Jersey people still believe the rest of Europe is worse but I can honestly say it isn't (apart from a few countries). I moved away from Jersey last year and found a job, I'm not rich and could afford to buy a house, go on holiday etc. You always hear in the media how bad it is and young people are moving away but it's usually graduates who want big salaries in finance etc. If you're not fussy and willing to try something different loads of jobs are available that still pay the rent.


Agreed, neither does it include any registered only with agencies!


Be careful here, although I am sympathetic to your arguments. Firstly, if are going to include students on island, you need to include Jersey students studying overseas (for example, there may have been an increase in studying on island due to rising UK studying costs). Secondly, if you include students now, you need recalculate the whole time series to show students throughout. There are similar arguments relating to all other categories not in full time employment. It might be best overall to display the summaries of all the relevant categories side by side.

Black Artist

Well Said Shane! Could not have expressed it in such a manner myself!

Old Crappo

not long now to wait for Phil "The Spin" Ozouf to issue a press release from "Narnia" stating that notwithstanding this news things are actually better then expected and indeed he can see the Island starting to come out of recession!

The Boy Ozouf then puts his head back in the sand and we all carry on as usual.


good post mr carson .

also the self employed sole agents that are only getting a couple of days in a month like i am .


This is a completely inaccurate number as Mr Carson states in his earlier post!! i have a degree etc and at least 8 years finance experience behind me but found myself unemployed for nearly a year and i was looking everywhere, shop work, bar work, finance, you name it and i applied for it!! When it came to bar work and shop work...it seemed our foreign frioends were fully employed in these roles!! I was in numerous agencies and still found myself without work. I have been in full time employment now for a few months but prior to this and my non employment, i was working in temporary positions for nearly 2 years!! the frustration and stress is immense!! Something needs to be done and fast! What about all those finishing college this year etc....another couple of hundred unemployed youths!! Close the gates to Jersey for a while...stop letting people in so we can start to get control of what is happening currently instead of letting it get even more out of control!!

the thin wallet

white uk van man is still rolling off the ferry.

Radio 555

Jersey is like a sinking ship.Even polish immigrants run away like a rats.They choose US,Canada and Scandinavia.This means something, Jersey is not attractive.No work and money


well said Mr.Carson

My wife has been unemployed for 2 months now.But has`nt registered as unemployed and i should think there are many more like her.My son left the island after being unemployed for 6 months.Another 3 yrs i will be leaving also.Cant wait,this island is finished

Come to money Jersey

Nothing unusual about this post. We read similar ones all the time.

There plenty of people who can't wait to leave Jersey. Assuming that they weren't local and liked island life, it's a shame they came here in the first place.

By coming here just to chase money they have only added to the problem.

Support Local!

Is it any wonder when even the STATES OF JERSEY don't employ LOCAL COMPANIES and PEOPLE to do ISLAND WORK!!

I know of one construction company, the ONLY island based specialist in their area of construction, under threat of closing down after THE STATES OF JERSEY decided to give a contract to a MAINLAND UK BASED COMPANY who is just as specialised as the island-based company!

Had they been given this contract - they would have survived for another year and probably come out the other end as they already had work lined up for 2014!

"DO as I SAY, NOT as I DO" springs to mind..

If they charged market rate....

I wonder what the price difference between the two quotes were Support Local?

Are you saying that the States should pay over the odds just because a company is local?

Sorry but it's my money they are spending.

Local businesses need to get real with their prices, builders and tradesman for example have it way to good for too long.

When they drop their prices I will employ them to do work for me, other wise I will make do.

Going down

Has the whole island been put on one months notice?

Seems everywhere you go everyone is losing their job.

Got lots mates in finance saying their jobs are up in March!

Social don,t give a damn and treat you like a leper!


go to social and they will say you are not entiteled to anything. why pay social security contributions when you wont recieve a penny back .stinks

Tax payer

Not just finance, people in building related businesses are losing their jobs by the week.

Not reported in the JEP however.


I have to agree with others I believe the unemployment level to be well above 3k possibly 4k-5k. I also know of people who aren't on the unemployment list due to being placed on work schemes, doing further education courses, etc.

No.4 about right! The sheeple will believe what they are told...


Time to settle it once and for all.

If the figures are unreliable they need validating by sampling how many unemployed per 100 (or more) islanders.


There seem to be some creative ideas above as to what constitutes "unemployed". If we take the Carson post, which seems to include full-time students, temporary workers, progressive schemes to give people valuable experience and anyone born under the sign of Libra, then we should restate all historical data that is based on people who don't have a job and have registered as wanting one. Thus, we will see that the current 5,000, 10,000 or whatever nonsensical number is banded about is little different from previous downturns, certainly if expressed as a percentage of working age population.


The figures are well below the genuine number due to statistical manipulation. We as an island, are reaping the rewards of 4 decades of greed and poor states decision making! It`s time the people at the top came clean so we can formulate a realistic plan to keep our heads above water, rather than continually "spin" rhetoric to the masses. I also wonder if, referencing the quote from Radio555 about our eastern European immigrants going to Canada, America and Scandinavia, they will get the warm welcome or the ability to take over the job market there as they were allowed to here? It was because a lot of businesses had a vested interest in cheap labour and apathy within our own workforce, (now sadly only too happy to serve in bars, but unable to find employment!), but it has come back to bite us in the backside! I wonder how much it has cost the Social Security dept. and will continue to due so? Time for some unpalatable but realistic decisions for the sake of the greater good!


Never mind "people at the top", what are you doing about it? What are you doing today to create wealth? What grand plans would you like to see? What are the prospective rewards from your negativity?

"What have you done today to make you feel proud?"

The road to a greater destiny will be built on the ideas and enterprise of us, the people. We should not ask what the States can do for us, but ask what can we do for the island of Jersey, for our fellow man (or woman).

Tim South

The States have spend £500,000 this year on consultants regarding the new hospital services blueprint. They are to spend a further £2 million in 2013 again on consultants and yet have new top and many levels of existing management.

This is where a large part of the taxpayers money gets wasted.

How much are the communications department being paid to spin the truth, and why has Treasury Minister Ozouf just employed another at £41,000. Weak Leadership yet again on top of increasing his Treasury Departments budget by 30% this year.

Why are the well qualified civil servants NOT doing their job's, and taking responsibility for decisions?

If Government departments were run by truly accountable professional executives, they would be making proper cutbacks in these terrible times of recession, to secure a long term future for their department and Jersey. There again do spoilt kids share there toys and care about anyone but them selves ?


the thin wallet

i can only agree with you tim.