Regulator sets new targets for Jersey Post

NEW guidelines on mail delivery have been proposed by the industry regulator.


NEW guidelines on mail delivery have been proposed by the industry regulator.

The Channel Islands Competition and Regulatory Authorities have released a draft decision on new postal targets for Jersey Post, with the company being expected to deliver 95% of all local mail within one working day.

It also wants Jersey Post to deliver 82% of mail to Guernsey and the UK by the next working day and 97% within three business days.

CICRA chief executive Andrew Riseley said that the new targets would also require the postal company to monitor the effectiveness of Special Delivery services.

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Comments for: "Regulator sets new targets for Jersey Post"

blooming lovely

that's all very interesting, but what about the flower display at the parcel collection depot in town - that was absolutely FANTASTIC! Can't wait to see what those lot are going do do next year...

BUNCHED UP deliveries

has anyone else noticed how REGULARLY there is nothing delivered for 2-3 days then everything arrives at once. WHY IS JERSEYPOST DOING IT!

Mark G

"Jersey Post, with the company being expected to deliver 95% of all local mail within one working day." LOL,LOL,LOL,stop laughing,LOL. Does Mr Riseley live in Jersey or is he a Consultant from the UK because Any Jersey person knows it takes 3 days for a letter go from St Helier to St Helier let alone St Helier to St Ouen. Be waiting for the annual report on this one!

Lord Haw Haw


Here we have an office set up as an independent body whose primary mission is supposedly consumer welfare, yet accountable to the Economic Development Minister and funded by way of grants by the same department – making it in effect a States Dept. Their primary focus seems to be the scrutiny and punishment of other States owned departments whilst forgoing their purportedly primary role of consumer protection by seemingly ignoring what the private sector is doing to average Joe on the street.

Jersey Telecoms – a States owned company. Poorly run, vastly overpriced compared to the UK market. However excess profits poured back into the States’ coffers – thus reducing the tax burden. Competition Authority came along, decided to allow other telco providers. We now have three companies two of which are non local. JT profits down – less income for the States. The solution should have been to tell JT to bring themselves into line with a comparable UK provider and provide a better level of service. Hey presto .... everyone wins!

Jersey Post – again a States owned company.... and let’s face it – no postal service makes money without government assistance. What has happened ..... the CICRA allowed outside completion to cherry pick the best and most profitable services, leaving Jersey Post with the unenviable task of achieving targets which frankly cant be met. Their answer was to ship in lots of highly paid managers and leave the troops on the ground with nothing!

What about food and fuel ? .... the items most on the local want list!

Fuel .... well the CICRA proudly tells us that garages now have to display their prices.... well whoopy do! Everyone knows what the cheapest garages are, plus whatever happened to common sense – ie drive in, see the price on the pump and drive away again.

Food .... still continues to rise and nothing is done about it.

Its high time the CICRA grew a set of balls and tackled the real issues here.


Well said m'lord. CICRA is basically a waste of time. Just because they have a similar body in the UK, we've got to have one here despite it being totally unnecessary. Personally, I'd get rid of it and save us all a lot of money as it has, as you say, only destroyed local tax paying businesses to let in foreign companies who contribute nothing to the island.


I regularly come home to find letters that are clearly not addressed to me.

Letters are folded in two, not great if it's a birhdat card.

Items are pushed halfway through the letter box signalling to anyone passing that there is no one at home.

Parcels are left on the doorstep in full view.

Best so far was a parcel left in a bin with a note half in and half out of the letter box telling me where to find it.


I, on the other hand, have found JerseyPost's service to be excellent. I've never had any of the problems that you claim to have regularly. Was your parcel delivered by Jersey Post or another deliverer?

p.s. I am not in Jersey Post's employ.


As it was franked that was something of a giveaway,and I resent the use of the word "claim" in the context of your comment.


how can they deliver on time when they are riding down hills naked.exposure comes to mind here


Like if any resident ever expected to get a parcel in time. I lost hope a long time ago.

Next day delivery: I normally start worrying after 10 days. Not before

My only worry is the Channel Islands Competition and Regulatory Authorities.

As mentioned above, petrol prices: They always been displayed on the continent. Nothing to be too proud off on that one.

What about the serious stuff, house bills and food ? Come on guys, hurry, cause I do not wish to be a regular in Iceland/pound world....


Wow . .the managers and Micro managers at Jerseypost were harpooning the posties when i left a few years back .. This targets going to tip them over the edge .. On one side you have this target which used to be achievable before they merged 3 deliveries into 1 hence throwing their customer focus overboard and focusing on Pure profit / Bonus driven motivation standard .. on the other side you have reality :) Methinks about 6-8 months into the target chase there may be a few middle managers getting thrown under the bus and a general revamp of the status quo !


I hope they do better, the recent service I received is laughable. I posted a recorded sign for letter one month ago to the UK, It still hasn't arrived. Unless it's delayed by the UK for tax dodging ;-)

Fred Carno

I recently received a card from the UK, on the envelope was a 1st class stamp, it arrived 5 days after posting, who is to blame the UK postal authorities or Jersey?


Don't get me started on the recently internationalised JCRA. I have said from day one they wouldn't get to grips with the real issues in Jersey namely:-

Competition for other states monopolies like water and electric. If it's good enough for JT then sorry it's good enough for the others.

Faffing around with telcos and postal is not where their priorities should lie.

High cost of living.

High import/export costs.

High travel costs to and from the island.

As regards Jersey Post the workers i.e. the posties do a good job often in bad conditions. I have a high regard for mine though he doesn't seem as happy these days.

About a year or so ago, I saw a job's worth following a postie around with one of those wheel things, that measures distances!!! If I was a postie I would take offence to this, as I would think that the management didn't trust me. A good way to demotive people me thinks.