Come (drink and) dine with us

FOUR Islanders are having their dinner party hosting skills showcased on Channel 4 tonight.

The contestants: Jane-Anne Collier, Jess Stanier, Craig Dempster and Kevin Pamplin
The contestants: Jane-Anne Collier, Jess Stanier, Craig Dempster and Kevin Pamplin

FOUR Islanders are having their dinner party hosting skills showcased on Channel 4 tonight.

The group took part in a Jersey edition of the hit show Come Dine with Me, in which contestants cook and entertain guests in an attempt to get their hands on £1,000 in cash.

Finance director Craig Dempster (48), BBC Radio Jersey presenter Kevin Pamplin (35), JEC sales adviser Jane-Anne Collier (38) and wordsmith Jess Stanier (21) were the chosen quartet when producers visited the Island in July.

Lots of food and alcohol was consumed over the four nights and Miss Stanier, who was the youngest contestant, expects the show to provide plenty of entertainment.

The hour-long episode is being shown on Channel 4 today at 8 pm.

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Comments for: "Come (drink and) dine with us "


good old pamplin got on the tv again :)


What a embaresment they were for jersey acted like out of control kids then again kids wouldn't of acted like sexual perverts well done for being idiots


that bloody pamplin is bleedin everywhere


They succeeded in making themselves look proper plonkers

Mr Fixed

cannot remember when i saw the biggest load of c**p on TV the 4 people that were on tonight should put their names forward for the " 2012 i love me" award


They made poor Kevin look a right mug. Guess what- he was deliberately told to delay serving the food just so he would fit the storyline of 'nice guy but a bit dim'. Very disappointed with channel 4 but then again I don't know why I expected any more from the channel that gives us such cultural highlights as 'made in Chelsea'


By going on anything like CDWM you basically give tacit permission for the producers to use you like a doll in whatever narrative they wish to devise. Anyone going on there is daft to believe otherwise


He was not deliberately delayed at all, filming just goes on and on they ask to do it again and again

Warren J

Those familiar with the format of the programme know what to expect, and it takes a certain type of person to put themselves forward, who know full well that commnets will be made behind their backs in addition to the narrator's voice over remarks

The programme was well put together, with views of the island in the background and as a Jersey resident, that is what the benefits of the programme are to Jersey.

Finally, well done contestants, especially the 'young one' I thought they all did well

PS I would have not put my name forward to go on the show !


What a let down! A smug self promoting radio 'dj' (ahem cough splutter), a thuggish lady who is like many who move here verging on a bully, a bloke in 'finance' with crap manners, who you most definately would not want in your restaurant or hotel!! (yet again another import) and a local girl who cringed through most of the program !! Felt quite sorry for her as out of the lot of them she seemed the only one to be decent!!!

Definately summed up Jersey really!!

What ?

Are you serious ? Did you tune in thinking it was going to be an hour long Jersey promotional piece about how great we are and how you should visit the Island ?

This wasn't produced by the Jersey tourism board you know.

If you have ever seen the show before, you should have known what to expect. You clearly didn't.


Oh but I did! :-) not quite this though!


It would be interesting to know which of these "islanders" is in fact a Jersey person.


I may be wrong of course but I believe the boy Pamplin is a Jersey boy.

Parktown Prawn

Why does that matter?

It was only filmed IN Jersey, it's not ABOUT's a reality cooking show.

If you'd bothered to watch the show generally you'll find that a lot of people that go on these shows are not actually from the place it is even get to find Cockneys living in Birmingham, Scousers in Bristol, Geordies in what?

If no born and bred Jersey person applied or was even interesting enough then what would you expect?


Over 500 islanders applied...


I wonder how many of those were islanders and how many were "islanders"? :)

Parktown Plank

Why bother to film it in Jersey at all if it has nothing to do with Jersey?

Parktown Prawn


If we all live on an island we are all "islanders".

How many of those islanders were of Jersey heritage (not that I care myself)?

My argument to Ken: "If no born and bred Jersey person applied..." (Note to Jane-Anne: try reading a comment properly before responding)"... then what would you expect?".


I think the clue to the hypothetical question might be found in the term "islander" which has crept in in the last year or so.

C Le Verdic

Islanders? The people of the moment are 'Jersey Nows'! Hopefully not Jersey forever.


A thuggish lady!!!, Proud of yourself for that line of bullying are you!!!really are you that narrow minded that you don't understand editing... Surely you realise we filmed Monday through till Friday from 8am until 1am most nights and that they used the 'most entertaining' bits and put them together.. What you didn't see was how poorly I was with flu that my head pounded, sinus infection and chest infection that it took all my strength to sit at the table while they filmed. A lot of what you don't realise is its kinda set up and we were told what will and won't be funny etc..


what a load of c**p ! made Jersey look really good NOT !! god any one seeing that will think we all behave like that :(

how not to see our island to the general public. Felt sorry for the young girl who hosted first she was the only decent one out of the lot of them !

Parktown Prawn

What are you on?

Most intelligent people will not "think we all behave like that".

A lot worse goes on in the shows filmed around the country.

You need to get out more ;-)

Why so negative ?

Why are so many people being really negative about the show ?

For those of you who didn't realise already, this was a TV show ! It is meant to be entertaining. It would have been a very boring programme if they selected four well mannered people sitting around and talking about the usual boring rubbish that gets discussed at your average dinner party.

Why do you think these people where selected in the first place ? It's TV people.

Anyway, as a fan of the show in general, I didn't think it was the best but, it was nice to see Jersey being the back drop for it.


I thought the show was a perfect representation of Jersey life.......1 decent person being overshadowed by 3 smug ones with high opinions of themselves


that bloody channel four. there damaging the islands reputation.


Hugely confussed at a few of these comments...

The show was a fantastic success!! Very funny, a little bit naughty and exactly what come dine with me is all about. Have you seen any of the other episodes? Good TV in my eyes.

Glad there are still some people in Jersey who can have a laugh apologies to all the miserable people who cant.

Jersey Girl

Well I think the comments on here reflect Jersey people in a worse light, than the actions of people having fun and enjoying a one off experience on Come Dine.

Bunch of miseries who have comented should keep their negativity to themselves.


first of all Its a real shame that most of the people who take the time to comment have nothing nice to say.. didnt mummy ever teach you "if youve got nothing nice to say dont say anything at all"....

secondly... its a bit of fun and banter? isnt that what a dinner pary is all about (rather then dinner with your Nan..all manners, no elbows!!)..

and thirdly for those who NEED reminding TV shows are to make airtime and gain views (and comments.. how the industry makes its money)so most of the comments are edited to look worse and the contestants are told what and when they must do things.. which unbeknown to them after editing may not result in the most positive outcome.. cut them some slack.

G x


The only one needing any slack cutting on there is Jess!! Poor girl!!

If you haven't got anything nice to say.. Well that would mean the other three contestants would need to be quiet PERMANENTLY then!!


So much negativity and judgement.. Jess played too i'm pretty sure ramming your fist down someones throat is not classed as your average table etiquette... Like it has been saiid before its a game and they are governed by the show and told how to play. Now I'd appreciate it if you keep your negativity off of my comment victor meldrew. :) thanks.

Jersey Bean

A common theme on 'you say' is to whinge and moan and to criticise splelling when unable to artikulate ploperly. Sad people.

Kevin Pamplin

Hi, I doubt this will get posted but I do hope so. While I accept that everyone is entitled to their opinion I think it's only fair that one gets to defend himself.

I am a proud Jersey man born and bred and did nothing on the show to embarrass myself, my children or friends. While I accept I was probably going to get some stick for the way the show is put together for a bit of fun, I don't accept character assassination from some cowardly types. I am not and never will be a delusional full of myself person. I was happy and proud to talk about my career so far, like everyone else did, only mine was the one shown, to make me look a certain way.

While I won't change the minds of some, I will continue to work hard, and help tell stories and bring people together and if possible brighten up people's day.

Andy Pandy

I've just read this thread and am amused that no-one has had the decency to apologise to you and the other contestants and have gone very quiet since your post. Good on you to defend yourself with pride.

Didn't watch it

Hi Kevin,

Perhaps you could enlighten those of us who haven't got a clue who you are, exactly what has been your career so far?


Thanks, Kevin. There's not many of us proper Jersey people left.

Good luck and I look forward to hearing you on the Radio again.

Finlay Mason

I lived in Jersey for a while and was lucky enough to be invited for a dinner party with one of the contestants in the programme. It was a great night.I can imagine going to a dinner party with some of the people leaving negative comments on here would be about as much fun as watching paint dry. As for comments about where the contestants are originally from and "send them back" etc, that is one of the reasons I left jersey the underlying xenophobic attitudes of many islanders. So quick to moan about "outsiders" having a laugh on TV but quick to grab income tax from super rich "outsiders". Well done to all contestants you brightened up my Friday night and gave a more realistic representation of Jersey life!!!


I liked it. It made me laugh. It was nice to see Jersey on TV too.

Most of the people on the show are bonkers any way. They mix the candidates to make sure that they clash and give us something interesting to watch.

Why would they pick people who never had dinner parties if it was just about cooking ?


It's a shame that two of the contestants have felt the need to defend themselves

I enjoyed the show, it made me laugh. Anybody that's seen Come Dine with Me before should have known what to expect.

However, I think the C4 editing done Kevin Pamplin no favours at all. They made him look a self obsessed bore...hey everyone I'm on the radio, you should be excited having dinner with a celebrity.


It was pathetic and embarrassing ...