Huge hoard of ancient coins found

THE gold and silver treasure of a Celtic army worth millions has been unearthed in a Jersey field by two men with metal detectors.

Work has been going on for over a week to unearth the coins
Work has been going on for over a week to unearth the coins

THE gold and silver treasure of a Celtic army worth millions has been unearthed in a Jersey field by two men with metal detectors.

It is thought that the hoard of an estimated 50,000 to 60,000 iron-age coins is the biggest such find ever discovered from the Celtic world, which once stretched across northern and western Europe.

The previous largest, which was also found in Jersey at La Marquanderie in 1935, contained 12,000 coins.

Metal detectorists Reg Mead and Richard Miles had been looking for the coins off and on for more than 30 years. In the early 1980s, an elderly lady told Mr Mead a story about buried coins being thrown up into the air when a tree was uprooted in the field 20 years earlier.

• See today's Jersey Evening Post for the full story and more pictures

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Comments for: "Huge hoard of ancient coins found"

Mulvie Le Phew

Is it the rainy day fund - just in time it's pi**ing down.

So who gets to keep the lolly? the person who owns the field, the guys who found it, or the government.

I wouldn't want to pay the GST on that!

I Pasdenom

"...So who gets to keep the lolly? the person who owns the field, the guys who found it, or the government..."

Could be none of the above, it could be the Crown.

I would hope that the landowner and metal detectorist had an agreement in place, or the detectorist could be left empty handed, and that they get a share of the value; but I hope the ownership is the people of, via the States, of Jersey.

This find should be put on display and studied.

Any claim from the Crown would be petty, and to take the hoard from the finders without reward would be wrong. IMHO

I Pasdenom

Wait for the Celts to start moaning about 'avoidance'


wonderful lets hope they go on show in jersey

J Carr, London

It's not the Celts, it's mine! Get your hands off my bloomin' pension!

Malcolm Jones

What a wonderful find and to think that if archaeologists had their way they would have the hobby of metal detecting banned.

John Green

Metal Detectorists were looked down on years ago in Britain (an outdated Class, 'I can only do this, search and find artefact..not you'..... plum in the mouth Thing), yet particulary the last 2O Years many have (Mr and Mrs Ordinary person)have made great finds greatly enriching British History. Glad the Germans did not find this hoard during the occupation of the Channel Islands.


In Rome government spokesman, J Caesar said 'bl**dy tax havens, how I am supposed to pay for all those gladiators?'


I suspect they belong to Jimmy Carr!


60,000 coins at £200 per coin equals £12,000,000. I'm off to buy a metal detector!


El Dorado, Philip Ozouf has finally tracked down the hole in the Jersey economy!

johnus maximus

A very well done to you from all at Timeline Detection in the Midlands UK.Yet another fantastic find by detectorist world great news for the hobby well done Johnus Maximus admin.


If this turns out like many sites in England, the States need a trespass law as soon as possible, otherwise every tom dick and harry with a detector will be digging all over Jersey trying to find more coins.

Once these items are removed from their resting place, all historic value is lost unless people inform the authorities.

Unfortunately in the UK too many people want to get rich quick and fail to take proper notes of finds and just sell to the highest bidder.


its the money for ouzoufs golden handsake at last he is going


Even the Romans used Jersey to dodge sorry avoid taxes then.

Andy Pandy

So even way back then people were stashing their money in Jersey to avoid the taxman!

Tony B

Actually English law for metal detectors is quite simple. 1 You must have land owners permission 2 Any artical of precious metal, or thought to be is reported to local museum small finds expert, they then deal with Coroner etc. Though anything unusual is normally taken in, you never know. Serious detectorists normally have a good working relationship with the local museums. 3 Coroner decides if stuff is treasure trove. 4 On sale, half to land owner half to finder. In France Belgium and Holland, reams of paperwork and licences before you can even buy a metal detector let alone use one. If you are visiting any of those countries, DON'T be tempted to pack one. The fines are crippling!


A transcription of the BBC Radio 4 program 'In Pursuit of Treasure', broadcast on Sunday 7th February 2010.

Tony Robinson:

There's three kinds of metal-detecting, aren't there. There's metal detecting working with archaeologists in order to get more knowledge about an archaeological site. There's treasure-hunting where you find something like a Roman brooch, stick it on the fireplace, and when you die it goes in the skip, and there's theft. Downright theft. You know, it's a no-brainer. Of course it's wrong. But they say "when we're doing it at night, we feel like pirates, we feel like bandits. It's a real rush -- you go out, have a few bevvies, you cut the barbed-wire fence, you sneak inside, make sure that the bloke who owns it doesn't know you're there, you shade your torches, you go to an archaeological site, you pull all the bones away, you find the bracelet, and you're off. And you stick it on the web the next day". Now, they may be having a good time -- it may give them a rush -- but, actually, that is a wilfully destructive, and I think rather horrible thing to do.

Tony B

The use of metal detectors of the Western Front of France and Belgium is totally illegal. But it still goes on. Artifacts seel for a few pounds, but, especially if human remains are found and all the artifacts are disturbed or removed, as one well known TV Historian said to me'You kill the man twice. There is now no possibility of acuratley discovering who it may be'. So you are preaching to the choir.


Paul try not to be so pretentious!

Don't tar everyone with the same brush for god sake.

There is not three types of metal detecting as you might think! Especially in a tiny island like Jersey.

Using a detector with proper permission is no different as to time team using Theodolites and other searching equipment to find buried structures.

Jersey detectors are a great asset to local archaeologists, with out these great historical finds coming to light history would remain hidden.


Why are there no indigenous Celts in Jersey now?


Great find hope the finders get treated the same as the English guys fair game,

If you think every body is going to go buy a detector great but dont expect to find this not in Jersey the guys were looking for years in this field again well done more history.

Grammar Cop

Finding buried treasure is extremely rare. Much like punctuation in one of Bob’s sentences!


have you got nothing else to do ?...


Sorry to spoil your day Grammer cop this thread is about the find of coins,

If you have a problem with my grammer tough, i dont clame to have the best english or grammer but have manners,

I am a dab hand in the ring prehaps you would find that more interesting your very wellcome my friend.


Metal detector for sale - see Jersey insight!

The Complainer

Take DNA swabs off the coins to profile the original celtic hoard owner. Then test the whole island for their descendants and heirs. Take a massive cut for DNA profiling fees. Then pass all the DNA data over to the police for crime fighting!!! Simples!!


Who is to say those coins were hidden illegally. Just some hard working Roman folk's cash.

Tony B

Probaly a local banking crisis :-) The fascination of archeology and research, heres the object what it's story? Your thoughts are just as valid as anyone elses at the moment. Piracy in Jersey is not unkown over the Island's history. That's why the French had a go at us 1781.


Brilliant find by those two detector guys, with this latest piece of history being revealed. Everyone can now view and share the excitement of our past history.

Better then just reading about it in books.

Well done.

C Le Verdic

Who will be first on here to call it a horde?

Tony B

No detector needed for that. C/O The State's Royal Square.

Kevin John Kelly

What are archeologists if not legalised grave robbers? who gives them the right to dig up someones remains that have been inturned for all eternity?just how many bones do you need to keep in drawers at the British museum?how would they like it if they discovered someone had gone and dug up a grave belonging to one of thier family?.

One question on my mind is the pay for a standard scraper(student of archeology) is a pitence but they are in the pub most nights downing plenty of alcohol?so how do they fund this extra nocternal activity?i have worked with archeologists on sites before with my metal detector but i am only allowed to pinpoint the metallic object and under no circumstances allowed to dig it,which leaves the glory to the digger?.

So to sum this up most sites only come to light through detectorists and without us they would be scratching thier heads and probably be redundant.

No accusasions are made during this statement LOL.goodluck to the finders and i hope they get their equal share.Kevin.

Malcolm G. Le Marrec.

I went to live at the J-H-B at Faldouet Gorey in 1940 to 1952, a few years after the war I think it was around one

Christmas time, we were all given “us kids” then I think it was a silver three peace over 100 of us,

but as soon as we got it, it was taken off us which was nothing uncommon to us then

and I was made to believe later on buried with other in the old Pigsty at the back “bottom” of the home.

You never know if you can, have a look and before you think otherwise believe me I do know what I’m

talking about as they were the worst years of my life, you know the place as Haut De La Garenne,

sorry but we never talk about that the place.


Dont be so silly Keven no accusasions you made quite a few get rid of that chip on your shoulder mate, they found the coins Reg found a few but did not know where the hord was so called in the archeologists who found the coins so who is the true finder the farmer who found them so many years ago or the lady who as a young girl picked up coins in her familys field and told Reg who looked but with the best metal detector could not find the coins as they were so deep, respect to Reg for calling them in as they may have never been found.


Sorry my friend, but I must correct you on your statement,(Archaeologists found the hoard after Reg called them in)? It was Reg who found the complete hoard using his special deep seeking detector. It was only after the hoard was found that the Archaeologists were called in, as all members of the detecting club in Jersey have strict rules to follow.

It is with Reg's and Richards help that enabled the Archaeologists from Jersey and Guernsey to enjoy one huge exciting find. Metal detecting will always receive some bad publicity from some very precious Archaeologists and alike, but the fact is history has come to light in many places around the world because of the honesty of guys like Reg and Richard and from proper detecting clubs.