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Clash in on spring's hot hues

What colour clothing are you wearing right now? If the answer is black, blue or grey, you're in good company, as 23% of Brits are most likely to wear monochrome on a daily basis.


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Pollution: The invisible enemy

We've yet to reach the dizzying levels of China, where residents wear masks to protect against the thick smog that regularly engulfs major cities, but make no mistake: pollution is a growing problem in the UK, with the European Commission warning of "persistent breaches" of air earlier pollutants this year.


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90 years of open gardens

Many gardeners and the wider public will be visiting an open garden this year, one which is opened to the public on one or more specific days of the year to raise money for nursing and caring charities.


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Hoppen to it

"Creating a sense of theatre is essential in any living space," declares Kelly Hoppen, and the dramatic settings in her home, a converted auction house in central London, amply prove her point.