Funding ‘conundrum’ for Jersey's Commonwealth Games officials

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ARCHERS and shooters are likely to be offered central support from Jersey’s Commonwealth Games Association to prepare for their satellite event in 2022, although it will come with strict caveats.

Birmingham 2022 organisers omitted archery and shooting from their Commonwealth Games schedule, but India have stepped in and will stage a separate competition for those sports, six months before the main event in the Midlands

The Commonwealth Games Federation confirmed this week that India’s application to stage external competitions for the two sports had been accepted – giving those involved a lifeline after their snub by Birmingham 2022 organisers.

India initially threatened to boycott the main Games entirely in protest against shooting’s omission, before pledging to hold a government-funded event six months before the official opening ceremony in the Midlands.

CGAJ president Paul du Feu has confirmed that considerations will be made for Islanders hoping to compete in Chandigarh in January 2022, despite the event being kept separate from the CGF.

All costs will be met by India and medals awarded will only be added to a secondary medals table two weeks after Birmingham.

‘It’s a great opportunity for the sports involved and it’s a huge statement of intent from India. Well done them,’ said du Feu.

‘They are prepared to invest what must be a huge amount of money, they have all the infrastructure there and it’s that important to them that they’ve made it happen.

‘They haven’t given full details of the programme yet but from our point of view the crucial line is that this is an independent event which is being funded independently. Flights, accommodation and competition bills are all paid for, just as the Commonwealth Games is.’

He added: We don’t know the exact numbers Jersey will be allocated yet, although for shooting I think it will be similar to the Gold Coast [2018]. For archery, they might look back at Delhi [2010].’


Jersey took six shooters to Australia in 2018, while archery’s last appearance a decade ago provided two spots for Caesarean representatives – for GB international Lucy O’Sullivan and Michael Coward.

‘It will be done by allocation, without a shadow of a doubt, because they’re paying for it,’ du Feu explained.

‘The main question for us is do the athletes want us to help them between now and then with preparation, and if so how are we going to manage that. That will be our conundrum because before we fund anyone in either sport they would need the same level of scores as other sports.

‘But we’re not picking the team, so the sports can decide to take people who haven’t met our performance indicators.

‘From what I understand India will be dealing directly with the governing bodies of each sport, not the Commonwealth Games.’

Rifle shooter Cameron Pirouet secured Jersey’s best finish in any sport two years ago – fourth overall in the 3-Position final.

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By Jason Fox

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