Regional cost concerns for Team Jets

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TEAM JETS head coach Linda Andrews has vowed to explore every avenue to cover costs following relegation from Premier League 3.

As it stands, Team Jets will not play a home fixture until autumn 2020, at the earliest Picture:DAVID FERGUSON

The club’s demotion to South West Regional League Division I, confirmed after Sunday’s play-offs in Hull, means no home games will be scheduled in Jersey in 2019/20 as regional regulations do not force teams to cross the Channel.

Jets’ overall expenditure will drop as a result of not needing to hire a home venue, but trouble could soon loom as their relegation coincides with the end of a deal with lead sponsors Dominion.

Over £100,000 is required per year to keep Jets afloat – covering junior and senior programmes and the increasing number of £3,000-trips to the mainland.

‘We’ve got a massive hole to find sponsors for,’ said Andrews.

‘We’d have to look at our programme completely if we can’t find sponsorship, but I will do my utmost to make it work ... somehow we will make it work and we’ve got a few things up our sleeve as to how we can bridge the gap.

‘Every team in our league got £1,000 last year to come to Jersey. We got £1,000 as well, but that was to cover all nine of our away games.

‘We won’t get anything now, but not playing games at Fort Regent will save us £30,000. That’s a positive, but at the same time it’s disappointing for our Jersey spectators who have given us such great support.’

Before their rise onto the national pyramid Jets played two games a day against their regional rivals. That approach looks likely to be adopted again next term, although there is slim hope that teams may consider an away-day.


Andrews said: ‘It’s going to be a challenge because it’ll be double headers on Sundays again.

‘We used to play one in the morning, then get a minibus to somewhere else to play another team in the afternoon.

‘We’ve asked Netball South West if anyone would like to travel over here, but I don’t know if anyone will take up that offer. If not, we’ll see if anyone will play us on a Saturday. Last time they didn’t, because it’s a Sunday league.’

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